The Ideals Of Transcendentalism By Henry David Thoreau Essay

The Ideals Of Transcendentalism By Henry David Thoreau Essay

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A Rewarding Lifestyle
The ideals of Transcendentalism have transcended throughout time. Transcendentalists are known for civil disobedience and individual intuition. One of the most well-known Transcendentalists is Henry David Thoreau. Thoreau was one who fought for individual intuition, passion for nature and simplicity and abolition.
Transcendentalists focus on the emphasis of individual intuition and fighting for beliefs. “Transcendentalism emphasized individual intuition as a central means of understanding reality” (Quinn 1). The ideals of stress the importance of understanding one`s beliefs and gut feelings in order to understand their place and purpose in reality. Many Transcendentalists lived a very rewarding life that was “[…] free from the constraints of the material as well as the expectations of the social world” (Wayne 1). Transcendentalists believed that in order to be fully in check with one`s beliefs, one must live free from worldly matters and constraints from the acceptance of others. Henry David Thoreau is one of the most iconic Transcendentalists, “his ultimate goal was to find his place in the universe. He developed his senses to ascertain more accurately where that place was” (Harding 2). Many people try to find their place in the world, and develop a true sense of who they are and what they believe in; it is harder said than achieved, but like anyone else, they developed their senses and stood strong in what they believed and was not easily swayed by the standards of society- and through that they found their place.
Transcendentalists are widely known for being one with nature and the strong passion for nature and simplicity that they hold within. They believe that “the individual`s soul mirrors the worl...

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...ndentalists were connected to abolitionism- the movement to end slavery in the United States” (Wayne 1 ). Many Transcendentalists fought through civil disobedience (peaceful rebellions and actions). Many Transcendentalists during this time fought by “writing essays and poems, giving lectures, attending abolitionist conventions, and writing and editing abolitionist newspapers” (Wayne 1). Transcendentalists would “boycott” (Wayne 1) things that stood or supported slavery and segregation. Henry David Thoreau civilly disobeyed and supported the fight for abolition by “[lecturing] on ‘Slavery in Massachusetts’ in 1854 and who, more than anyone else, publicly supported John Brown” (Wayne 1).
Transcendentalist, Henry David Thoreau was one with nature and fought through civil disobedience for abolition and believed in individual intuition for being one with nature.

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