I Would be Lost Without Friends Essay

I Would be Lost Without Friends Essay

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What does it mean to possess great significance? Initially when I confronted myself with this essay I struggled for an answer to this question. Just like religion, I have discovered that the characterization can be a difficult one - you know it when you see it, but cannot define it as easily. The dictionary broadly describes a significant element as “important; of consequence.” Of course, something significant is relative to the observer, dependent on their own judgment of what is and what is not important. This has led me to formulate that the really significant concepts hold sentimental, rather than material values. An expensive car or furnished boat has the same price tag regardless of who owns it. An old metal medallion passed down from generation to generation or a war-torn figurine has little to no importance to the general public, but to some, it evokes strong emotion and recollections of vivid experiences. This too has led me to formulate that something significant can induce powerful reactions, yet distinct to the individual - such that someone passing down the road may merely walk right by. So as I sat pondering what held great significance to me, what had sentimental worth and evoked strong reactions, something that a passerby might neglect to notice, but who would catch my full attention had I brushed past, it hit me. Not as some fantastical idea out of the dark, but through the vibration of technology; my cell phone was ringing. There is no price tag on my friends, and every day they walk past the general public, unnoticed. But, more importantly, more significantly, they have a phenomenal talent of bringing about special personal reactions that ultimately make me a stronger person. The friends I have made in ...

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...complished and where I am at now, and I am proud. My friends are my rest stop. They provide me with the motivation I need to keep pushing forward when things become tough. So that I can look back on where I've come from, and look at where I am, and be satisfied.

I could not be where I am without my friends. This has led me to formulate my last opinion of what something truly significant is - it is essential. The man who heads off into battle thinking of his grandfather's Purple Heart has found his significant item. The woman who clocks out of the diner at two in the morning thinking of her sleeping children has found her significant people. I near the end of this essay, finishing my application for the opportunity to meet one of the most powerful men in the world. And all I think about is how crucial my friends have been for me to reach this unbelievable point.

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