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“Happiness is involved in a deep sense of purpose in life,” quoted Mike Steere in Pursuit of Happiness. But, how exactly does happiness play a purpose in life? The answer lies within you. Only you know what your happiness is and what it does for you. Happiness lies within me in several ways. Happiness definitely plays a major role at this point of my life. At this point in my life I am bounded with many people who I love and love me. Now that I am older I can see the world differently and know what the world is capable of. The world has taught me who my real friends are and who I can trust. The people who have stuck with me are the people who have brought me great pleasure and happiness into my life. At this point of my life I am happy to say that I will no longer be an only child after sixteen years, I will soon have a baby brother who will bring me even more happiness into my life. “Happiness is a good feeling that enters my mind each day,” quotes Kraas Aldo in his poem Happiness. This particular quote relates to me because each time I am faced with a sort of problem or conflict I always try to remind myself that I am happy and everything in my life is wonderful and nothing or nobody could take that away from me. Happiness has helped me surpass all the challenges and obstacles throughout my life, “Happiness takes my sadness away,” (Aldo line 5). Happiness has the capability of bringing somebody great thoughts and wishes; as I wish I could be the best I could be every single day and every second of the day. “Happiness uplifts me,” (Aldo line 1). Happiness does not only help me remind myself who I am, but it gives me a sense of inspiration that uproots my soul and heart. This inspiration makes me want to be a better catholic, fr... ... middle of paper ... ...ppy. “Clap along if you know what happiness means to you”, sings Pharrel Williams in his hit single Happy. I relate to this verse because I know what happiness means to me it is my strength and it is my fortress, without happiness I am lost. “Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth,” (Williams), happiness is true to me, it has brought me many incredible memories into my life and got me through some very rough times, I believe happiness is the truth. Nothing will sink me down no matter what people say or think, “Can’t nothing bring me down,” (Williams). I will not let anyone or anything interfere with my happiness, I will not back down from a challenge, “Well, give me all you got, don’t hold it back,” (Williams verse 2). Happiness is what keeps me going, it’s what makes me the person I am today and it lies within me, “Happiness is everything,” (Steere).