I Was Molested by My Stepfather Essay

I Was Molested by My Stepfather Essay

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I was fourteen years old when my life suddenly took a turn for the worse and I felt that everything I worked so hard for unexpectedly vanished. I had to become an adult at the tender age of fourteen. My mother divorced my biological father when I was two years old, so I never had a father. A young child growing up without a father is tough. I often was confused and wondered why I had to bring my grandfather to the father/daughter dance. There was an occurrence of immoral behavior that happened in my household. These depraved occurrences were often neglected. The first incident was at the beach, then my little sisters’ birthday party, and all the other times were overlooked.
I was raised by my mother and grandmother. They kept my head leveled and taught me that working hard leads to success. I loved them, and they were my role models. I grew up in a middle class family with strong women. I learned independence, and the strong will to never give up. It was the summer of 2005 when my mother re-married, and I was in the eighth grade. My mother was happy because she found the conclusion to her life: a husband. I was ecstatic because I finally had a daddy! My hopes, wishes, and dreams had come true. I felt that God answered my prayers. I loved having a father figure, although I had certain doubts. My uncertainty came from the way he looked at me. He looked at me the way men crave women. However, I concealed my unclear feelings because I did not want to ruin the current circumstances. Unfortunately, all of my suspicions were true.
The first instance was the beach. It was summer and I was fourteen years old. My step-father, his daughter, and I went to West Beach. I kept having this uncanny feeling of malevolent wrongdoing. These une...

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...d for. I found a true friend! She was there when I was on the verge of self- destructing. I was seriously contemplating ending my life with a knife to the throat or wrist. But she persuaded me not to do it. I could not let the Devil win because I was born a fighter. I often prayed to the most high every chance I got. God puts these obstacles in our life to see if we are strong enough to withstand. I am an example of a survivalist. Although, I was on the verge of obliteration, I persisted with my head held high. I regret not sticking to my word and seeking the justice I deserved. But that chapter of my life is closed because I already received my justice because I found a friend that loved me for who I am and did not judge me. I love my best friend, and we are still friends five years later. The lesson that I have learned is to never give up and stay true to your word.

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