I Was Born Into An Average Family Essay

I Was Born Into An Average Family Essay

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I was born into an average family. I went to school like all the other kids, I had friends and I had good grades. I was a sweet, happy child who always loved to laugh and make jokes. The only thing that separated me from all the other kids was the fact that my dad was in the army. I am the daughter of a soldier who has fought in Iraq.
Being in a military family is not very easy. My dad was gone most of the time so me and my mom barely got to see him We were constantly moving so I had little time to actually make friends. The only good thing about being a part of this crazy life was that I had more discipline, I became stronger and more mature then most kids in my age.
I never took seeing my dad for granted. He was always on the go and sometimes he would be gone for a month and only be able to come home for one day. I was very young, so I don’t remember much of this but as I got older it always seemed to get harder, it never got any easier. When I was in 6th grade my dad had to go to Iraq for one year, this was the first time I was actually aware of what was happening because I was old enough to understand; I knew how dangerous him leaving was and that I might never be able to see him again. I remember how I always waited by the phone for his call or waited for the days we could Skype so we could see each other. It was a tough year and I thought that when he finally came home everything would be better, but sadly things just got worse fro...

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...hey get mad faster and get stressed out more easily. As a result of having this unique upbringing of constantly moving, barely seeing my father, the separation and drama between their divorce, I have developed a form of PTSD which is my anxiety. Dealing with PTSD myself gets hard because sometimes I don’t know how to deal with it; I just try to stay positive and know that things can only get better.
Growing up in a military family has its ups and downs; It was always hard never knowing if my dad would come back from where he was at and moving wasn’t always fun but I met a lot of people and always made new friends. I learned a lot about respect and being strong at a young age. My dad has been, still is and will always be my hero.

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