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I Was A Little Girl Essay

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It started when I was a little girl, I think I was about five years old. I grew up in a one parent household, with just my mom. I had three other siblings, two brothers and a sister. My mom was the sole provider of the family. Everything started getting hard for her as we grew. I got curious and asked my mom a question I never asked before. "Mom where is my dad and why isn 't he here to help you take care of us." " Mom said, he was killed when you were a baby." So I never spoke of it again until I had turned about fifteen years of age. I still was curious about what had happened to my father. I started having dreams of my father being around, a man whom i had never seen or meet before. He was just an illusion that I had made up inside my head. When I would sleep at night, I would dream of my father having other children besides me and my siblings. I would share my dreams with my older brother. He would tell me it was just a dream it 's not real he 's dead. As time passed I started having the dreams about my father more frequently. So by this time I was now twenty-one years of age and still having these dreams every night. I decided to ask my mom what I had been putting off on asking her since I started having dreams about my dad and his other family. It was a Friday afternoon, my mom and my grandmother was sitting in the family room. I 'm a person that cut no corners so I got straight to the question. I said mom I been having dreams about my dad and him being alive with another family. She said to me in front of my grandmother I told you your father had died when you were a baby. My grandmother heard what she said and made a comment, no your father is not dead. My mom the got mad and told my grandmother to mind her business. So ...

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...uch down in Mississippi. We arrived on time, my dad was right there waiting for us. He greeted me and my brother we talked along the way arrived at his house settled in, met the other half . For the first time in mylife I then felt complete, me and my dad are now building a relationship. My other siblings from my dad are also building a relationship, we talk on the phone daily. As for my mom and I we are currently in disagreement. I pray that God hear my cry and give me the strength and knowledge to understand why my mom would keep such a secret from me and my siblings. I pray that God will put it in our hearts to forgive not only my mom but my dad as well. In the meantime this was an experience of a lifetime something that I would never forget, just build on and learn from. I thank the Lord for letting me share my testimony with others because this is my story.

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