Personal Narrative Essay: My First Middle School Dance

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Today is a crisp morning in October just like every other morning lately. The weather is not too bitter but it’s chilly enough to have the heat on. It is Friday, October 29th, 2010. I’m getting ready for school right now and I’m psyched for the middle school dance tonight! As a 6th grader, I’m exhilarated for my first dance. After I finish showering and get dressed, I straighten my hair in my bathroom. My brother Tanner, who is a sophomore, stills wistfully into my room and asks if I have any orange and black bead necklaces. I give him the ones I had. He thanks me and flexes his right arm to be silly, because he foresees himself as buff. Hanging on to his arm like a monkey, I smile with comfort and then give him a hug. Tanner has shaggy brown hair just like mine. He has solid dark brown eyes and he is pretty short. I guess you could say that runs in the family. Tanner is the most jocose person I know.
I go to school and throughout the whole day all I think about is my first middle school dance.
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I’m living this nightmare, but am also telling myself it’s not true because I feel better. Today my family’s plan is to go see Tanner in the funeral home. I don’t want to go and I beg to stay home. My mom and dad force me to go and see him. When I go up to his coffin and see him, I start to scream and run out of the room. I was terrified because I was afraid he was going to get up and grab me. This seems silly, but I’m in complete shock and seeing him like this makes me scared. He was just with me a couple days ago and here he is now lying in front of me. After I calm down I go and look at him once more. I look at his hair and his face. Thinking to myself, “I’m going to miss you Tanner. I’m going to miss your laugh, your personality, your smile, etc.” I touch his face and it puts me back into the cold reality that this is really happening. My brother really died and he’s really right in front of me in a
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