I 'm Interviewed An Administrator And A Program Manager From Two Different Departments Of Service Alternatives, Inc.

I 'm Interviewed An Administrator And A Program Manager From Two Different Departments Of Service Alternatives, Inc.

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For my interview project I 've interviewed an administrator and a program manager from two different departments of Service Alternatives, Inc., an agency that works with and supports individuals with developmental/intellectual disabilities. The first person interviewed was Tim Watt (no relation), an administrator for the "Adult Supported Living Services (ASLS)" department of Service Alternatives whom overseas and facilitates among a group of program managers and their employees. The second person I had the privilege of interviewing is Ashlee Wiley, a program manager of the "Community & Employment Services (CES)" department of Service Alternative. Both interviewees encouraged anyone with questions and wanting more information visit the official Service Alternatives, Inc. website: http://www.servalt.com/index.html.
First and foremost Mr. Watt wanted to make clear that this interview happened under the basis his experiences within the adult division that he have worked in. He recommended going to their home page and taking a look to kind of fill in any holes/gaps that may come across. As well as both interviews I obtained a lot of information and I will try to condense what I can and share what I found to be the most enlightening and important.
I 'll diverge first into my interview with administrator Tim Watt. My first question regarded the mission statement of Service Alternatives, Inc. I was able to pull the mission statement off their official website, "Service Alternatives is a multi-faceted human services agency with a clear vision and strong values. We support individuals and families of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities and provide a spectrum of services that include employment services, residential services, wraparoun...

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...but the barriers to employment are too significant at that time and they are unable to find employment or benefit from services." This, she explained, was the worst problem she personally faced within her employment.
While the company and it 's clients face some barriers and minor problems there is a silver lining for Mrs. Wiley. "It is a great company that provides many different levels of services to individuals who really need it..." she explains "...it allows me to help those individuals that we serve contribute towards their communities, become involved, give back and help them see their potential." She explained this was her motivation to keep working with her many clients and the company.
This concludes my interview with Mrs. Wiley. If you have any more questions for her, she encouraged anyone to reach out to her at her work email: awiley@servalt-ces.com.

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