I Have Gained A Better Understanding Of Emerging Readers Essay

I Have Gained A Better Understanding Of Emerging Readers Essay

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Through this experience I believe that I have gained a better understanding of emerging readers. I had the chance to complete these assessments with two dyslexic students. My initial expectation for these students is that they would be a little more of emergent readers than the average students their age.
My students were very eager to answer the questions to the best of their abilities. They didn’t complain or want to give up at any point. The younger, more emergent, reader took a lot longer to get through the different sections. She took her time to think through the different questions. It was clear that she was easily distracted and frequently asked me to repeat the questions. The older student was eager to show off her reading skills and took a lot of pride in getting through all of the sections. She was able to finish the assessments significantly quicker than the younger student. I was very intentional in frequently praising both of the students for their good work, which I felt made them want to work harder. Both students were very pleased with themselves at the end of our time together.
The younger reader really struggled with identifying, adding, and deleting specific sounds at the beginning, middle, and end of words. If I were tutoring a child at this reading level I think I would make a point to go over common ending sounds and how they change words based on the tense they are used in. I would incorporate activities, like the phonological mini lesson, that gives a student a sound and asks them to come up with as many words that start with that sound as they can. When I completed this activity with the younger student, I felt like she gained a better understanding of similar word sounds.
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...ntence. This student had a trouble with this after many different explanations of the directions. I decided the best way to teach this would be to go over many different examples. This helped, but she still had trouble on some of the sentences with larger words. The student was able to complete all of the morphological assessment sections, so I taught a mini lesson on one of the sections she got a couple questions wrong in, “Finish the Sentence”. The lesson went extremely well. The student could easily identify the ending sound that needed to be added to the word. I think that this student has almost completely mastered both phonological and morphological awareness. She did have trouble understanding the difference between syllables and whole words, but after working through the mini lesson, I believe that this student is on her way to mastering this skill.

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