I Have A Thing About Cleanliness Essay

I Have A Thing About Cleanliness Essay

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I have a “thing” about cleanliness. I love seeing clean surfaces and do not mind if it means that I need to help make them that way. Long ago I realized how dirty things get, but I found a way that I could remedy the problem by wiping. It is far from a handicap, for it is not a problem that restricts me from living freely. For example, I have two small children, and I realize how many things they touch. This realization helped me see the need to clean their messes too. Besides, it was not really the fear of them touching dirty things that bother me, but the enjoyment I receive in catching the grime that they persistently distribute daily. My personal satisfaction has been found in wiping. Some people need sanitizing sprays or soap to kill germs, but I with the sanitary I also need a clean look. I have a deep responsibility for clean areas that are within my reach; therefore, I can rest with the knowledge that I have attained spotlessness.
I grew up with ten siblings, and most of them were messy or sloppy, and never noticed the need to make anything tidy, much less look clean. This is where my wiping; thus the finishing touch began in my life. I was no longer satisfied with “it is clean, so leave it”. The place needed to look clean; especially the kitchen counter. Although we had put the food away and washed the dishes; the splotches of grease where the frying pan had set and the soapy suds on the edge of the counter in front of the sink were all there just trashing the place up. Was it too much to ask that these little things not be left there to evaporate or crust over? I knew then that someone needed to come in and be the finishing touch, delivering that last wipe. In my opinion, it is sloppy, but it may not have the same ef...

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...ices and personal belongings get thoroughly wiped daily including the interior of my car. I may have a few empty cups in the floorboard, but you can rest assured that the dash and the radio, the gear shift and cup holders have been wiped multiple times today.
I will always have the last wipe, last touch or maybe it’s getting that last word in. My brother told me that when I come around and touch things after someone has already done their best to clean or organize it only gives me the satisfaction or makes me feel like I have played a part in making it that way. It is annoying for others when I keep fidgeting with something or wiping to make something better when really I am trying to deflect my attention at something to make it feel like I have had control over it. Wiping gives me a comfort and something to keep myself busy with. Without it things could get messy.

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