Essay about I Have A Fan Of The Arts

Essay about I Have A Fan Of The Arts

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I have always been a fan of the arts. Drawing, painting, and sculpting are some of the hobbies that I have partaken in from elementary school all the way up to my senior year of high school. Creating new works of art and bringing the ideas in my head to life are some of the greatest moments I have had as a student. Art has always been one of my passions; however, I had never stretched my knowledge of the arts by trying new hobbies. I also never thought that I would fall in love with a hobby that I just started in. This new activity was photography, and it was my new passion.
I have a regular digital camera to take pictures with, and that was the only type of camera that I knew about and that I desired to use. It was a red Nikon that I got for my birthday a few years earlier. My mom had a more professional camera, a Canon Rebel XTi, and I had always relied on her to take pictures of sporting events, vacations, family reunions, and any other type of memory we wanted to keep. During last year’s Christmas, my mom decided that she wanted me to try my hand at photography so she bought me a professional camera for my present, a Sony OX. As soon as I picked it up, I did not want to ever set it down. The pictures that I could capture with this camera were extravagant and breathtaking to me. I would wonder to myself, “Who knew that I could actually do this on my own?” At first, I started taking pictures of my animals and the sunset. The pictures of my dogs running were always so clear and detailed; however, nothing could compare to the sunsets that my camera could capture. It was a masterpiece with extravagant colors that left me unable to think. I would also venture a little more into nature and take pictures of flowers, trees, and butte...

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...ear now, and I still love it more than ever. I practice with my camera almost every day, so it only gets easier for me to produce better and more professional looking pictures. Photography has changed my life because it helps me escape from life for a while. I get to look at the world through a lens and then create whatever I want to see. This hobby has inspired me to become a photojournalist, because I will be able to capture everyone’s happiest moments. I will get to experience every type of culture through my camera, and it will make me thrilled to see the beauty of this world. My life has changed for the better since I started my new hobby, because it has made me more confident with myself and it has made me perfectly comfortable with other people. Photography has taught me how to see the world in a different perspective, or in my case, through a different lens.

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