I Don 't Know You Like The Red Ones Katie Essay

I Don 't Know You Like The Red Ones Katie Essay

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"Yes I know you like the red ones Katie, but if we buy them will you still eat it later honey?" Jim says looking at the two bags of apples.

This was the last time me and Jim would go shopping with the kids.
This was the last time we would go shopping.
This was the last time we would ever watch Ned with Katie.

Why had I let Delia convince me that trading sons would be a good idea? At least mine can 't cop an attitude yet. Because he still makes adorable squeaks and squawks with a few words here and there. But he 's kind of getting the hang of words.
But we 've been at the apple station for over a half an hour so that Katie could pick out the perfect shade of apples before deciding entirely she wanted red apples.

"I don 't know daddy. But mama says we should only eat green apples, cause green means good." She sighs. "I don 't know."

Giving a hopeful look at Jim, he shrugs his shoulders and goes back to helping her pick out the perfect apples for her play date with Hannah.

"Why don 't we just get the greens ones this time then, and I can get you ONE red apple. Deal?" Jim says and we all pray that she says yes.
"Okay! That 's a very good idea," she giggles.
"Hallelujah! We 've made a decision." I say and highfive Ned. "Can we get the rest of this list now?"
"Yes," he says placing the apples in the cart. "What 's next?"
"We need eggs, milk and two loafs of bread," I say reading off of the list.
"Can we get cheerios?" She pipes in.
"Of course we can!" Jim says grabbing the box from the shelves.
"You 're so annoying..." Ned groans.
"I am not. Ned Banks, you take that back!" She gasps.
"What if I don 't feel like it?" Ned laughs.
"I will hurt you," she mutters.
"Katie..." I warn.
"He was mean first," she whines.
"I do not care," I sa...

... middle of paper ...

...nbelievably cute and are totally gonna get married one day," Melinda says helping me unload the cart.
"You think?" I ask and take the toothpaste from her hand.
"Yeah..." She smiles. "And she 's gonna have him wrapped around her finger and boss him around with big words and make him kiss her when he apologizes. And to think... it will have all started when she was five and he was nine."
"Well, just remind me to lecture him before they start dating," I laugh as the teller rings up our items.
"I will. Now kiss me." She says smiling.
"And you wonder where Katie gets that bossiness from..." I reply softly and walk forward.
"Apologize!" She gasps and crosses her arms over her chest.
"Or what?" I laughs.
"I will never look at you again," she sighs and turns her head away.
"Too bad I 'm handsome," I say turning her head and kissing her deeply.
"Apology accepted," she giggles.

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