Essay on I Am The Youngest Of Four Children

Essay on I Am The Youngest Of Four Children

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I am the youngest of four children. My sister had her first son and we went down to visit after she had the baby. I marveled at his perfect little face, his tiny little hands and his bold cry. Mom and I were sitting together and just watching him. The conversation went something like this.

“See his little lips moving and his face scrunching?” said Mom.


Then she said something that has stuck with me all these years. “I believe there is a reason babies can’t talk when they are born. I think they can still see visiting angels and spirits comforting them in their new home. Maybe your Granddad is telling him stories.”

After my mother passed away and my nephew has his little girl I was holding her. I couldn’t help but wonder if those faces and coos were not meant for my Mom. Maybe the infant could see what I could only hope. Mom was right there with us.


If I cover all the big things first, we can learn together about all the in-between, right? My first real experience with death came when I was seven years old. I loved my Granddad. Because he was ill by the time I was born, I spent a lot of time on his lap. We would play cards, talk, and simply cuddle. I don’t ever remember him being unkind or even stern. He was simply “my” Grandad. I don’t believe I thought he belonged to anyone but me. It is funny because I probably knew less about him than all the rest of his grandchildren. But, he was mine. Any of the other grandchildren will tell you I was spoiled. I simply spent a lot of time for the first 4 years of my life with him. However, the other grandchildren have memories of him being able to get out of his chair and do things. I don’t have those memories.

He was sick and in the hospital and my parents did al...

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...y goes against the stream. However, what logical parent would choose which child should have cancer and suffer and which one should not.

I have heard it said over and over “God doesn’t give you more than you can handle.” I believe I interpret differently than most and quite frankly I believe I am correct! I believe that what God gives you is life and what you do with it is up to you. Life is a set of circumstances and reactions. If you have a specific gene, there are natural consequences. I cannot believe there was a design to inflict specific spirits.

So here is a challenge to you. If you feel that I am just plain wrong, then take the time to write to me and let me know “and” finish reading the entire book. Why should you read things that you disagree with? That answer is simple to find a common thread. Speaking of thread, let’s talk about rope, knots and yarn.

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