I Am The Strongest I Have Ever Been Essay

I Am The Strongest I Have Ever Been Essay

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At one point or another in one’s life you are faced with God, eye to eye and you know it. You can feel the Holy Spirit’s presence, like a humming sound that’s too low to hear, but it’s there and you can feel it, a feeling that you are not alone. For some, this feeling lasts for eternity, and for others God works within them again and again because the Lord’s love is persistent. The feeling I had came and went, for it was not strong enough as a child. But now, I am the strongest I have ever been.
As a young child, I spent Sundays in the pews of various churches. My extended family had a wide variety of different denominations of Christianity. Some churches had loud music with singing and dancing, others lots of sitting and standing. But the theme that was consistent in my mind as a little girl was why? I didn’t know the reasoning for any of the rituals and because I didn’t know and wasn’t taught I felt so disconnected at church as a child. It felt equivalent to listening in on a foreign conversation. A conversation that wasn’t intended for me to hear, and that I didn’t deserve to hear because no one really taught me how to speak this language. At a very young age I saw what I did and did not like in churches. But till this day I have never felt at home or peace inside a place of worship. Although, I had many things that confused me, there was one person who grabbed my hand and led me down a light path.
My grandma Donna is woman who I hold very close to my heart. She is one of those people that you can truly see God’s love within. Since my mother was in college and my dad was working a full time job, my grandma was my caregiver during most days of the week. We would take long car rides when I ran errands with her, and she would...

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...n feel it in my heart. It’s a feeling of heaviness or lightness that makes me question what I am doing or brings tears of joy to my eyes. My relationship with God is progressing but I still have so much more to learn about my savior.
From this point on forward, I would like to see improvement in my mission. As a Christian I know it is my responsibility to help those who have not heard the word of God. I would like to become more confident in teaching others about the Lord’s love for all this children. I hope that someday, even if it’s just one person, I can save them. And maybe it won’t be in this life but maybe it will be at my funeral when my family speaks of the Lord’s love and asks for those who have never to ask Jesus into their heart. And even if it’s just one person I’ll feel so happy that I can rejoice with them in the kingdom of the heaven for eternity.

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