I Am An Understanding My Learning Is It Builds A Friendship And It Is Always Evolving

I Am An Understanding My Learning Is It Builds A Friendship And It Is Always Evolving

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I believe that learning requires an understanding, everyone is a teacher, it builds a friendship and it is always evolving. I also believe that I can always learn something new. I picked these five things from my Ten Things I believe about teaching because I am not only a student I currently work as a teacher with kindergarteners and they have taught me many things about life and myself just as much as I have taught them.
Promote self-learning
Promoting self-learning to me means that I will be taking a stand in my learning and finding a way to further and better my understanding on my own. In order to accomplish self –learning I will be using more multimedia to understand the topics discussed in my courses. I feel that multimedia allows you the freedom to personalize your learning and can help support the content you might not have a complete understanding of after class is dismissed. Multimedia also allows for easy access to the content whenever and wherever. This also leads to the idea that you can learn at any time. There is a misunderstanding that you must learn in a library or sitting down just to study but in reality you can study wherever is best for you, for me I use my down time in the car to flip through flashcards or whenever I eat I pull out my notebook to reread my notes.
I also have been a fan of learning communities. It is hard to understand content that is confusing to you just on your own, we learn better when we learn with our peers. Finding at least one other person to study with will help make your understanding stronger. If you have support to succeed and understand then there will be a better chance that you will succeed at your goals.
Strengths to promote self – learning
One of the strengths that I hav...

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...r from a YouTube video, I won’t quit until everyone in the group understands. You always need at least one leader within the community and to be able to let others lead as well makes me a successful team leader.
Reflecting on myself and my strengths is by far one of the hardest assignments I have had to do this semester. It allowed for me to pick out my strengths but also come to terms with my weaknesses which can be a hard thing to do. Using the Personality Colors quiz as a start helped me understand myself better to pick out my strengths. After picking out my strengths it was clear how they formed a relationship with my learning. Overall being a blue I am very caring and determined student, who values education not only for me but for others, this shines through when I work with others in my learning community, whether it’s with peers or teachers I care for all.

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