Essay on I Am A Week Ago I Almost Gave Up With A Coffee And Baileys Stewing

Essay on I Am A Week Ago I Almost Gave Up With A Coffee And Baileys Stewing

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A week ago I almost gave up again. Saturday was spent on my in-law’s porch with a coffee and Baileys stewing over my frustration in losing my 14th scholarship contest. I sat out there, posing myself like an author; leaning on the arm of the chair with my chin rested on curled fingers, holding my pen like a cigarette, hoping to channel King or Orwell. I started this project, writing scholarship essays, at the beginning of the year honestly believing if I just wrote enough essays statistically I would win something. Two authors, Kristina Ellis and Marianna Ragins, won $500,000 and $400,000 respectively while they were still in high school. Their books gave me the jumpstart to try writing as a way to pay for school, and the idea grew into considering writing as a viable career. While I often think about giving up this project for a second job I can’t bring myself to do it; the learning benefits now outweigh the frustration of losing.
I have no delusion to think I could win $400,000 in scholarships but it lifts my spirits knowing it can be done. I didn’t find Kristina Ellis’s Confessions of a Scholarship Winner or Marianne Ragin’s Winning Scholarships for College to be exceptionally helpful for writing, but as an average student, I found their similar backgrounds encouraging. Neither was a top athlete or elite test taker, just average students who were very dedicated to the scholarship hunt. Admittedly, I got over excited and did not consider how far behind I was in my writing abilities. Both ladies were high schoolers, so the writing process would have still been fresh to them. My last major paper was done in 2007 as a junior in high school. Nevertheless, I took their successes to heart and used it as fuel for starting my ...

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...Chemistry to write articles for magazines or as a literary device to teach the science through storytelling. The concept at this point in my life is freeing as I don’t know if I want to drive to a 9 to 5 job everyday, paying off debts, and “treading water” until I retire.
On a timeline I have only invested a solid 5 months into writing when others have done this for years. Perhaps it is premature to already consider this as a career prospect but there are brilliant writers out there that have made nerds and super fans of us all. I may not win a scholarship in the next year, but that kind of power in writing is cool. I can’t say for certainty where I will be in four years or how much debt I will have taken on, but I undoubtedly think continuing on with the writing process, no matter how rage inducing it can be, is going to help me out in ways I never expected it to.

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