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I Am A Teacher Leader Essay example

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When given this assignment I immediately knew the teacher that I consider to be a teacher leader in my school.. However, I wanted to scroll through the rest of the teachers just to make sure that I was not just choosing a friend who is a good teacher. After scrolling through the list I realized that while my school does have a lot of great teachers, very few of them would be what I consider to be a teacher leader. I based this off of my knowledge of teacher leaders and a definition that coincides with what I believe. Harrison and Killion (2007) states that a teacher leader assumes a wide range of roles to support schools and student success. Whether these roles are assigned formally or shared informally, they build the entire schools capacity to improve. That is why being a teacher leader is so vital to the success of education. I then realized that my original feelings of who to choose still held true.
The teacher that I chose is my close friend, Lisa Mazanek. Lisa has been teaching for twenty-six years. She has taught second, sixth, seventh, and eighth grade. She has been a second grade teacher for twenty-one of those twenty-six years. She has been a friend of mine from my first day of teaching. I remember walking into a room full of people that I didn’t really know. Lisa was the person that got up from the table, walked right up to me to introduce herself. She made me feel welcomed and took me around to all of the other teachers to introduce me.
Lisa is my first go-to person for everything. She has given me advice not only in teaching, but also in life. She is an avid shopper and we have went on many shopping trips. She is very knowledgeable about education. She had completed her Master’s plus twenty-four hours in two and ...

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...ased for grades Kindergarten through fourth grade.
Once you meet Lisa for the first time you will immediately want to be friends. The way she talks about teaching and the rewards of it makes you also want to be a teacher. If you are a teacher already, it makes you realize how rewarding and lucky you are be in this profession. Her personality, passion, and charisma for teaching is out of this world.
To list everything that I have learned from Lisa in my five years at this school would be long. Some of the main things that I have learned from her are patience, commitment, drive, how to collaborate effectively with others, goal setting, and how amazing Teachers Pay Teachers is. Having a colleague like Lisa to work with has been a really rewarding part of me being a teacher. Not everyone has a person and friend to look up to or to strive to be like, but I have Lisa.

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