I Am A Product Of Conditioning Essay

I Am A Product Of Conditioning Essay

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I think I’m more a product of conditioning but if I could choose one over the other I would pick learning through observation and insight. Learning through conditioning is not very creative or intensive on the brain. This learning method although may be very effective for learning new things that are unfamiliar. The way conditioning works is, when you do preform an action that is seen as the correct behavior you get rewarded. This is called positive reinforcement, it encourages you to behave in this way again. An example of this might be when you get a good grade on a test and your parent rewards you for it by giving you money. A second type of reinforcement is negative reinforcement. This method is not as effective as positive reinforcement but still works well. An example of this is you get a good grade on your test because you know you mother will yell at you if you don’t. So in order to remove this unpleasant occurrence you do your best to get a good grade on the test. An alternative way of trying to instill a behavior or new information into someone is punishment. There are two types of punishment positive and negative. An example of positive punishment is when you get a bad grade on your test and your parents yell at you, providing an unpleasant stimulant. Negative punishment is when you get a bad grade and your parents take away your phone, removing a pleasant stimulant.
Learning through observation or insight is a better process because you use your brain to a greater extent and understand what you are doing fully. Opposed to doing something just because someone or society approves of it. Observational learning seems like a better way to learn. You can let someone else do something before you attempt to do it. This way w...

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... intellectual tasks such as sports, taking a written test, and driving, among other things. I find that for my own intellectual functioning having minimal amounts of stress is sometimes good because it can help me get things done. During high amounts of stress though, it is not helpful at all. Usually if I am under high stress I tend to be lazier, I give up on tasks more easily and don’t care about the outcome of my actions. For example if I have a large project due the next day and I haven’t started it, creating a very stressful situation, I might decide to just not do the project at all because at that point, in my mind, it is not worth all that stress just to complete the project.
Whether you learn from observation or conditioning naturally we tend to be more intelligence in one area or another, and without memory we wouldn’t be able to retain our intelligence.

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