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This article is a foreword from the editor in the Technology Review magazine which is published by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) on August 2005. From the writer point of view, the technology, called Hundred Dollar Laptop (HDL), which is developed by Nicholas Negroponte, the founder and chairman of MIT’s Media Lab, is very promising to help improving education in the poor world. Also, from the article, the writer tries to convince the readers that HDL is a break through, and could be built as well.
The article discuss that HDL has many features and could be integrated into the poor world, such as, it would not be loaded by Microsoft Windows instead of Linux. Another feature is that HDL, due to poor electricity in the poor world, may be powered by a “parasitic power”. Also, mesh network is proposed as a solution for a HDL to communicate with others. Furthermore, HDL would be provided with Skype as free communication software. On the other side, internet access is not cheap in the poor world, due to fragile infrastructure and expensive to maintain. Furthermore, this article express that HDL would not be sold commercially, yet the government would purchase it. Regarding to its un-commercial, China and Brazil has expressed their interest in buying the machines. Finally, the article states that there is a need to more expansive horizon of education behind the needs of clean water, food and health care. Thus, Negroponte’s HDL could be as a solution.
However, while HDL is a wonderful solution for poor education, it is still too vague to produce such of technology. For instance, it said that at the early of 2006, “He would build 100 million to 200 million HDLs every year...”, how they do it and whether it is a...

... middle of paper ...

.....” It is becoming clear that the writer wants to convince the readers, the HDL idea is supported by many people at the conference, who is attended by “Technology princess”, and also it could be built.
The persuasive and emotive languages, which are used by the writer, seem a very good approach to convince the readers about the HDL idea. Apparently, this is a very good way to express the writer’s opinion. For instance, in the last paragraph, the writer stated “Attempt to bridge the digital divide failed because there was no bridge. Nicholas Negroponte’s Hundred Dollar Laptop could be that bridge”. It sound that HDL is the only way to be the solution. Also, this is a very good sentence to conclude, while there is also an effort to persuasively convince the readers to accept the writer’s idea.

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