Essay on Humans Are Natural, But Would the Earth Be Better without Humans?

Essay on Humans Are Natural, But Would the Earth Be Better without Humans?

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Would the earth be better off without humans? The expected response from a member of today's society would be a resounding yes. However, those who are quick to come to such a conclusion may not be completely correct in their response. The world is a natural thing, with only earthly inhabitants, and so long as all of these inhabitants are of earthly origins, all are natural. We as humans are natural, and therefore any consequence of our existence, be it good or bad is natural. Now, this creates an extraordinarily broad realm of what is natural, but this point is essential to any argument for the existence of humans.
The Earth itself is a remarkable planet. The fact that life exists at all is an amazing feat. This planet and all of its complexities are attributes to a natural process that is billions of years in the making and is still going strong today. Evolution, is a fact of life, and is the only reason that we as humans have come to exist. Long before there were people, there were reptiles, before them there were fish, before them were invertebrates and before them there was microbial lifeforms. This path of development over time was used to disprove the stance held by Christians that their "God" created all that is present on this Earth.
Evolution is responsible for all forms of life as we know them. The entire natural world of this planet is directly linked through evolutionary processes. Over time, those species that were best fit to survive remained, and those that were unfit for continued existence became extinct. The reasons for survival are varied, and can be downright confusing, but the fact remains, no species on this planet was ever given a free ride. Each has to have done something right in the evolutionary proces...

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...ed of one single organism that came into existence billions of years ago. We are ancestors of it, as are all other organisms, which inhabit the planet. Throughout our existence we have speed up a few evolutionary processes, disrupted a few ecosystems, and caused the extinction of a few species. All of these points have no bearing on the larger picture.
We as humans evolved into our place at the helm of the natural world. We did not just step in and take this position overnight, it happened gradually over time through natural processes. All life on the earth depends on evolution for survival. Humans have gone through the same evolution as every other living thing on the planet, so just because we have evolved technologically more than everything else, does not mean that we are acting against nature. On the contrary, we are acting towards nature, because we are nature.

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