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How life came to be is a mystery that baffled the minds of even the smartest researchers. Although the researchers found no definite answers throughout the centuries, they had created many theories that could explain the origin of modern organisms. Evolution is a prominent theory among others, as supported by ancient ancestry, fossil evidence, and genetics. Evolution is the correct theory because the evidence, which is ancestry, fossil evidence, and genetics, proves evolution to have a solid argument.
First, fossils of organisms and their ancestors differ in order to fit the needs to survive, which explains evolution by showing that their skeletons change over a long or short period of time; this is similar to the definition provided by Two primary examples of fossil evidence would be shown through the whale skeletons throughout the centuries and ancient lizard fossil. The skeletons of whales have changed over time, from fossils showing that whales once had four limbs and were capable of walking on land. The modern whale skeleton has bones on the lower back, which are limb remnants of its prehistoric ancestor. The whale was not the only animal that lost its limbs; according to National Geographic, a 95 million year old fossil of a lizard with miniscule legs may be the ancient ancestor of the snake. The vestigial limbs show that the lizard was closer to evolving into the snake. In short, the changes of fossils which belong to the snakes and its predecessors show variations that allows one to believe that evolution had occurred.
Along with fossil evidence which shows the similarities between the skeletons over an extended period of time, geographical distribution is a strong point for evolution because it explains ...

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... to evolution and that people share DNA with other animals and plants.

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