Humanitarian Organization For Humanitarian Aid Essay

Humanitarian Organization For Humanitarian Aid Essay

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Humanitarian can be defined as a person who are concern and denoting an event that involves widespread human suffering, especially requires the large-scale provision of aid. As a humanitarian organisation will need to cope with different types of natural disaster or emergency such as earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, epidemics, droughts, famines, terrorist attacks, and war situations to a combination of several disasters which may occur simultaneously. However, humanitarian organisation will associate with non-government organisation (NGO), national government involvement, international donors and humanitarian organisation and administering relief to vulnerable beneficiaries at disaster sites across the world by providing aids and financing support.
Provision of humanitarian aid known as a short-term activity in nature and provide the immediate aftermath(emergency) of a disaster. Besides, humanitarian organisation has facing few significant challenges throughout the operation in planning and response rapidly to the occurrence of natural disaster.
In addition, logistic and supply chain management plays an importance role in response rapidly to the immediate occurrence of natural disaster and the efficiency to the major humanitarian activities such as health, food, shelter, water and sanitation. The efficiency in logistic is a key success factor, where it ensures the flow of goods and services go smoothly in a complex supply chain.
Having a better performance trade-off in the organisation will help the organisation achieve the performance goals while minimising the total cost .

Background and business environment
Humanitarian organisation often associate with government, non-government organisation and global humanitarian o...

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I have discovered few recommendations to help humanitarian organisation to resolved the challenges.
Firstly, the humanitarian organisation should improve technologies system. It is because the humanitarian organisation able to transfer data and information with other stakeholders rapidly and deliver the accurate data and information. The strength of using the latest technologies system will help the organisation exchange the importance information more systematic and response to the disaster more quickly and reduce time consumption for the management do it manually. Hence, global humanitarian organisation would be receiving the right information and the amount of aids needed to be delivered to the right destination and on time. It is because the inaccurate information and the wrong amount of the humanitarian aid will directly affect the population of the country.

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