The Human Resource Administrator Position And How Understanding Current Job Rewards

The Human Resource Administrator Position And How Understanding Current Job Rewards

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Job Rewards Analysis
Utilizing a job rewards analysis can help companies effectively staff their workplace by attracting the right talent. They help show how employees use the necessary knowledge, skills, abilities, and other characteristics (KSAOs) to gain the desired internal and external rewards from being in the right position (Linz & Semykina, 2012). This paper will look at the Human Resource Administrator position and how understanding current job rewards analyses can provide any company with the right employees.
The Job
As a Human Resource Administrator, I find it interesting to further examine what other administrators get out of their job. The human resource (HR) field is always evolving and along with the change, benefits change as well. Employee value propositions (EVPs), internal and external rewards in total, can be different for each individual at the same position in different companies (Heneman III, Judge, & Kammeyer-Muellar, 2012). Understanding EVPs of current employees can help management and staffing agents to attract the right match for the position (Linz & Semykina, 2012). Right now, there is a certain EVP associated with my job but when I receive my Masters’ Degree, I hope to receive a better package to align with my current knowledge. I also would hope that people in similar positions, like all Human Resource administrators, have close to the same rewards internally even if external rewards may differ from company to company.
The Methods and Sources Used
There are several different ways to collect rewards both internally and externally and can be used within the company or several other companies. It is up to the staffing agent conducting the rewards analysis to decide which methods work best fo...

... middle of paper ... or completed by computers, so deciding on how to do the job is not as important other intrinsic rewards. Receiving the rewards that mean the most to an employee can boost motivation, job satisfaction, and the work environment (Cleal & Sell, 2011). So it is important for organizations to conduct job rewards analyses.
In conclusion, performing a job rewards matrix can have several benefits. They can provide staffing professionals with important information like what possible employees are looking for from an organization and what they are hoping to get out of the specific position. Staffing professionals need utilize as much data as they see important and have a solid process to collect and analyze the data. If they can do that, they can create an accurate job rewards matrix to see if there is anything their company can better to attract top talent.

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