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Human Resources in any public or private sector agency is the start of the complex relationship among the interviewer and the applicant. Human resources is the department which agonizes about the implication of the decisions made, it is the conscience of the department. The interview is often the introductory meeting between the interviewer and the applicant. In order to ace the interview process the applicants need to practice patience and motivation. Practice makes perfect as the applicant learns the tactics, the hiring process, and the duties of human resources. Applicant’s looking for employment can familiarize with motivational theories to better themselves for the job search process: Maslow’s pyramid, expectancy theory, and theory X and Y. The human resources department within each company ensures the implementation of society’s goals. The department is in charge of hiring,recruiting and choosing the ideal candidate. As an applicant applies for different positions they need to properly market themselves to the recruiter. With the job hunt in mind it is important to understand in-depth what human resources is and what to expect during the interview. As applicants commence the application process and job hunt they enter a virtual world. With technology enhancing the relationship between human resources and the applicant adapts due to the virtual social media world.
The hiring process is important to follow from the time one applies for the position to on boarding as a new employee. The applicant needs to pursue an optimistic and motivating attitude as they continue the job search. Each online job search or interview may be different. As an applicant one should ask themselves why we are considered for the job? or why the ...

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...mpany. There may also be a situational interview this interview is often set up to see how the applicant will respond to the situation. The interview is set up identical to how their daily situational work atmosphere will be.
During the interview applicants often get nervous and feel intimidated. However, it is extremely important not to tell the employer how you feel. Showing the interviewer an emotional side may lead them to see you as weak and unprofessional. The applicant should always keep in mind they are not the only one interviewing and everyone gets nervous. It is normal to feel anxious before or during the interview at the same time the applicant must remain calm.
During the job search it is critical to say focused and motivated. Public sector candidates need to focus on motivational theories during the job search and as they advance in their careers.

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