The Human Population: Eco-City Planning Essay

The Human Population: Eco-City Planning Essay

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As of October 31, 2011, the world population has reached 7 billion people (Collins, 2012). The growth rate of humans continue to be staggering, this generates a demand to change the land use, the allocation of resources, and more importantly the realization of the environmental pressures associated with more development (Ascione, 2009). The exponential growth of human development in the recent years has given rise to awareness to the natural ecosystem (Savard & Clergeau, 2000). This awareness towards the environment has created environmental planning. Environmental planning entails facilitating decisions with consideration to the social, political, economic, and natural environment in order to provide a relationship that balances between the environment and human system.
The next level of environmental planning would be ecological city (eco-city) planning. It is here that the balance between environment and human systems is more heavily weighted on the environment. Eco-city planning encompasses developing a city in which there is zero emissions or pollution, near zero solid waste, use of local materials, minimizing life cycles, minimizing virtual values of non-renewable resources, and providing good public health and amenities. (Novotny, Ahern, & Brown, 2010). The principle of an eco-city is to live in harmony with nature while enhancing the quality of life through decentralization and diversity (Roseland, 1997). Eco-city planning aims for perfection in which preserving, enhancing, increasing natural features and environment, and minimizing development impacts on the natural environment are the goals. As utopian as this may seem, the shift towards eco-city planning is a far outcry from reality. This report will argue that narrowi...

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