Human Nature And Our Definition Of Love Essay

Human Nature And Our Definition Of Love Essay

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Shakespeare’s play Othello reveals a lot about human nature and our definition of love. In this play the main romance is the uncommon live of Othello (a moor) and Desdemona (a socialite). The question of her loyal is brought up a lot as Iago tries to convince Othello that she is cheating on him. In reality it is not a question of her loyalty and love for Othello but it is Othello’s love for her. Othello cares more about himself than Desdemona and the love he does have is ultimately self-centered.
If a hand is raised against their loved one. Do they really love that person? That is a question we must ask about Othello and his abuse on Desdemona. Calling her names, and hitting her shows how little he values her as a person. Othello ends up hitting Desdemona because she was glad that Cassio got his job and that they can go home. Othello filled with rage calls her, “Devil!” and strikes her. (4, 1, 237). Othello does not see Desdemona as his wife but as the devil when she is happy for someone else. He only wants her to be happy and care for him not anyone else so when she is happy for Cassio he is enraged. This love is for himself and his ego. When Lodovico tells Othello to call her after hitting her Othello asks, “What would you with her, sir?” and continues saying, “Ay, you did wish that I would make her turn. Sir, she can turn, and turn, and yet go on, And turn again.” (4, 2, 248, 250-252). When Othello say turn, he means both coming back, changing her mind and her loyalty. He insults her loyalty and implies she betrayed him. This belittles her by insulting her own character and shows how he does not care for her but how he just wants to hurt her physically and emotionally. Hate is the opposite of love and any actions that is shown ...

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...erchief or actually talk about her unfaithfulness. Instead he only cared about the thought of her cheating and Iago mentioning the handkerchief was enough for Othello to stop caring about Desdemona’s side. Love needs trust and communication. If someone only cares about honor is show by how they trust others, how quick they are to change sides or how hard they are willing to defend a person.
In conclusion, Othello cares more about himself than Desdemona as the love he does possess is mainly self-centered. His love is shallow and vain because of the horrible treatment he gave, plotting to murder her at the first sign of betrayal. He does not even try to talk to her and he love her because she pitied his stories. Love should not be built off of one sided stories but off of experiences together, and caring for them because of their personality and not of self-important.

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