Human Intelligence is not Based on Genes Essay

Human Intelligence is not Based on Genes Essay

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Based on Nisbett, experience and environments has a greater impact on people’s intelligence than biology. In some case, scientists have implied that the point difference in IQ is due to a genetic difference between races. However, research has demonstrated that the evidence profoundly favors the view that race differences in I.Q., the measure of intellectual functioning, are in fact environmental rather than genetic. According to Wade, Tavris, and Garry, they seem to also agree with Nisbett in that experience and environments has a greater impact on people’s intelligence. An example they gave was the tomato. Even though both seeds are genetically different from one another, the average differences between the two pots could be environmental.

Heritability means the proportion or percentage of perceives differences in a specific attribute that can be credited to genetic factors rather than environmental. This means heritability may not be the results of a biological study, but instead heritability estimates derives from a statistical analysis of a given population. An example of heritability is comparing people who are more closely biologically related vs. people who are less. You are going to share more of your genes with one of your siblings, 50%, rather than one of your cousins, 12.5%.

Some scientists have believed that I.Q. tests are “culturally biased”; they believe whites were born with a higher intellect than other people of different ethnicities. The authors of both articles, however, agree human intelligence is not base on genes, but rather the environmental factor. According to the research and evidence mention in the articles, the authors believe the genetics basis for the I.Q. differential is indirect. Meaning a tr...

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...n of the children greatly influence on how healthy the environment is. The higher the I.Q. the children have the more successful and prosperous his/her environment is. In contrast, the lower the I.Q. the children have the more poverty and pollution the environment has. An example is mentioned in the article Our Human Diversity: The Case of Intelligence; country such as Kenya is experiencing a rapid growth due to an increase in intelligence. This allows improvement in education, healthcare, diets, and job opportunities.

Psychology is the scientific discipline concerned with the human mind and behavior. It uses the understanding of people, their thoughts, and their emotions to help solve human problems. In the case of Wade, Tavris, Garry, and Nisbett, I believe psychologist study intelligence to help improve people’s lives and the condition of their environment.

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