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Human Health And Health Care Essays

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Every day the choices that people make have an impact on the rest of their life. It all starts with how a person takes care of their own body. Not only does someone’s physical health help them live longer, but so does their mental health. Genetics can also play a large factor in how someone lives their life. If people do not have access to key nutrients or health care professionals, then they might not be as healthy or live as long as they could. There are many practices that people can use to keep their health in check as they grow older. Many of these practices can prevent disorders and diseases that happen later in life. All in all, making healthy choices in every part of one’s life will better the life expectancy.
After taking the test on the website, I learned a little bit more about myself and how to take care of my body going forward. My actual age is 19 years old, but the test puts me at the age of 16.2 years old. This is something I find a little hard to believe because most of the time I do not eat super healthy or exercise. In high school, I was in sports so I was constantly exercising and on the go. It helped me stay fit and I was not sitting around all of the time eating potato chips. Now that I am in college and am not involved in sports it is hard to keep up on taking care of my body. I work close to 35 hours a week at a fast food restaurant and also go to school full time. Doing both of those leaves little time for me to work out. The constant studying, which I do while sitting down, does not help me become more active. Something that I can practice that will help me become a healthier person would be to make time in my schedule each day to work out and possibly make meal plans to take to work so that...

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...r worried about my time on earth. Some situations cause me to be an optimist, and others cause me to be pessimist. Overall, I am more of a pessimist than an optimist and this is due to every time something goes just a little right in my life, something majorly goes wrong. In some ways, I think this helps describe why some of the ideas mentioned earlier are the way they are. If I was a different type, then I might have different health benefits and also might think differently about wanting to live longer. Knowing which type of behavior pattern I show can help me see what I need to do to live a better and healthier life. For instance, I now know that I need to practice being more calm about situations and try to slow down every once in a while. There are many things that I can do to better my health, but starting with these ideas will get me going on the long journey.

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