Human Brain Development Through Constant Research Efforts Essay examples

Human Brain Development Through Constant Research Efforts Essay examples

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Since neuroscience has formulated many hypothesis about the human brain development through constant research efforts and continue work on past predecessors theories in the effort to expound upon these theories on how the brain grows at critical ages in our lives that affects our cognitive capabilities to think, memory, mood, and our reactions to multiple situations in our life developmental stages during adolescence.
In the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) Frontline six video series “Inside the Teenage Brain” covers how the teenage brain goes through extensive changes during puberty and how two critical waves of development are different between the initial growth spurts and pruning phases during the what is called “In utero” that is most critical 18 months of the fetus life development phase in their mother’s womb according to Dr. Jay Giedd. Dr. Giedd explains in detail in video #2 “The Wiring of the Adolescent Brain” how adolescent teenagers brain developmental differences and similarities between toddler and teenage during primary and secondary phases. At the age of six the child brain is 95% complete of being adult size in physical feature, but not at the cognitively capabilities of an adult mental capacity for thinking or reasoning. In reference to the brain, the gray matter (thinking) continues grow with the synapse and pruning processes during infancy brain cells growth like a tree as well. However, the main difference is the development of the prefrontal cortex of the brain. This part of the brain develops and starts growth development with production of synapses connections enables the teenager to control the brain by formalizing judgment, organization, planning, memory, strategizing, and modulating mood during the thi...

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...ay Giedd with the use of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to gain scientific knowledge with the mapping changes in adolescents brain development. In addition, how the brain functions during certain stimulations in the brain activity during the second wave of synapse formation in the frontal cortex prior to puberty. Then the correlation how the brain prunes back like during utero process. It also enlightened me how the second phase of brain development affects the adolescence the rest of their lives in what they do or fail to do during this building phase to set the hardwiring in the brain. In the sense of learning more about neuroscience research has provided me with a more positive outlook with technology capabilities to continue to conduct research to understand how the human brain functions and why people act during stages in their life in the norms of society.

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