The Human And Ecological Risk Assessment Journal Essay

The Human And Ecological Risk Assessment Journal Essay

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Earthquakes are the fourth environmental problem caused by the fracking process. Deep-well oil and gas drilling require the injection of fracking wastewater into the earth. The earthquakes that are caused by the injection of fracking wastewater are called induced seismic events. Even though the earthquakes are small, the number of toxins and chemicals that are released seem to pose a problem for the surrounding area. The strongest earthquake induced by fracking was measured to be 5.2, which can still cause a significant amount of damage (Hoffman).
Not only does fracking affect the environment, it also affects the health of the people living around the area the workers that are working in to obtain this resource. The Human and Ecological Risk Assessment journal published a list of 632 chemicals from drilling operations throughout the US. They also researched the chemicals and found that 75% of the chemicals can affect the skin, eyes other sensory organs, the respiratory and the gastrointestinal systems. 40-50% of the chemicals can also affect the brain/nervous system, immune and cardiovascular systems, and the kidneys. 37% of the chemicals can affect the endocrine system and 25% of the chemicals can cause cancer and mutations of various cells. Since hydraulic fracking became one of the highest contributors to natural gas recently, more examinations on hydraulic fracking have been conducted. The examinations have found out that long term exposure to these toxic chemicals can cause a lot of harm to humans. The endocrine system, one of the most sensitive systems to these chemicals, will become damaged as workers continue working in the wells. Researchers at the Colorado School of Public Health at the University of Colorado analyzed t...

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...ll contamination, air pollution, water pollution, and earthquakes. It also causes many social consequences that result from the degradation of health of people near the sites. With these consequences, it seems reasonable to predict that hydraulic fracking will cause many more problems in the future. With the increasing consumption of energy, the amount of hydraulic fracking will keep increasing, causing more negative consequences even though the amount of natural gas will be high. Since hydraulic fracking has such a huge impact on our energy consumption, it will be very difficult to transition away from hydraulic fracking to other resources. Even though it will be difficult without it, there are many other types of resources that can be used to obtain energy such as renewable energy source that produce more energy with the scientific developments occurring each day.

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