How Transracial Adoption Is A Viable Means Of Providing Stable Homes For Waiting Children?

How Transracial Adoption Is A Viable Means Of Providing Stable Homes For Waiting Children?

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An estimated 15% of the 36,000 adoptions of foster children in FY 1998 were transracial or transcultural adoptions (US DHHS, 2000). The research that has been done to date suggests that transracial adoption is a viable means of providing stable homes for waiting children. Nearly a dozen studies consistently indicate that approximately 75% of transracially adopted preadolescent and younger children adjust well in their adoptive homes. (Silverman, 1993). From 36,000 adoptions 15% of the foster children were transracial or transcultural in the United States. The research shows that children who are adopted into families that are of a different race or different culture. Many of the children have adapted into a life style of living in a home of a different culture. When a family decides to adopt a child most of time the parents are looking for a child that is the same race or has the same culture as the adoptive parents. Some parents do not look for a specific race or culture when they are looking to adopt this is called transracial or interracial adopting, where they will have a blended family. When you are adopting a child how important is the intent than the impact? Is the race of the child more important than the love that the child will receive? Should race be a factor when adoptive parents try to adopt a child? Under no circumstance should an adoptive parent not be able to adopt a child because of race.
In the late 1850s informal adoptions were the norm because of the war, diseases, poverty and other tragedies left a lot of children orphaned. The state of Massachusetts could see that the numbers of informal adoptions were increasing. All adoptions were not good not in favor of the child many used the children as slaves. In...

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... a different race then themselves the generally lean towards the race of the adoptive parents. From the way they dress act eat and think also buy the music that they listen too. People are a product of their environment.
Since celebrities such as Brad Pitt and Anjelina Jolie along other celebrities have placed transracial adoption in the spot light for controversy. With asking why would you not to adopt a child of their own race. As if the adoptions are only for publicity that has created a lot of controversy for families who have or who would like to adopt transracially, asking what is the motivation for doing so. This has raised the question but the questions are not validate when it comes to offering love & support to the child if the parents can provide a loving and support, healthy and stable environment that is all that should be taking into to consideration.

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