Essay How to Implement the Change Process

Essay How to Implement the Change Process

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How to Implement the Change Process
I chose to pursue a degree in Social Work because I have a deep passion for helping people figure things out and get back on track. I have always tried to help people in the simplest ways without being over intrusive and giving them the respect and dignity they deserve. As a teen I found joy in the slightest things like helping people fill out and submit job applications, filling out medical forms, and explaining to them the process for things such as obtaining Medicaid, food stamps, their food handlers card and even on where and how to apply for your driver’s license. These things may seem trivial but I guarantee that for many people this was a huge help. Working with people is not just something that happens; first you have to want to help people and be patient and understanding with the people who you are helping and that does not happen overnight, second, you must be able to recognize your own limitations and know when to refer someone to qualified professionals.
Social workers practice in a variety of fields but one thing that is consistent is the process in which we deal with clients. In the following scenario, I will explain the procedural steps that I would take as a social worker to help a client identify their concerns and to provide appropriate solutions. I have a client who is 30 years old who has a professional background in secondary education, and is very well educated. She reports to me that she has been hospitalized for depression and suicide attempts both recently and in the past. She is single, has no close relationships with anyone, is unemployed, and is introverted and withdrawn. The client reports that she has been seeing someone for help for a period of four months but is ...

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...rces. In order to properly help people, social workers must follow the change process: “ First, engage clients in an appropriate working relationship; Second, Identify issues, problems, needs, resources, and assets; Third, collect and assess the data; Fourth, plan for delivery of services; Fifth, use your communication skills, and consult with your supervisor; Sixth, identify, analyze and implement your interventions to reach the clients goals; Seventh, apply empirical knowledge and technological advances; and finally, evaluate your outcomes and the practice effectiveness” (Zastrow, 2010). That and treating your clients with the respect and dignity they deserve are some of the fundamental skills of being in the social work field.

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Zastrow, C. (2010). Introduction to social work and social welfare: Empowering people (10th ed.). Belmont, CA: Brooks/Cole.

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