How The Main Wedding Day Works Essay

How The Main Wedding Day Works Essay

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The next question I asked was, describe how the main wedding day works. He gave a very elaborate answer that made me feel like I was actually there. He described it as, “The marital process of the Gujarati culture is very long, complex process. It all starts with the groom’s side partying and dancing their way to the site of the marriage, where they are welcomed by the bride and her family. Then, the groom makes his way to the altar and is welcomed by the bride’s eldest sibling and spouse, who then conduct certain religious prayers until the bride arrives. The bride makes her way to the altar accompanied by her uncles and brothers (cousins included), and is handed off to the groom by the uncles. The main wedding ceremony lasts a couple of hours. The ceremonies begin with the groom and bride putting a lei of roses on to one another, to show the beginning of the ceremony. Together, they go through a myriad of ceremonies that mostly compromise of different prayers to the many gods of the Gujarati culture. These prayers are led by a Gujarati priest and are done to ensure good fortune for their marriage and for the rest of their lives. This ceremony includes the brides’ parents with the bride and groom partaking in the rituals as well. To finish the ceremony off, after the rituals are completed, the bride and groom walk in a circle in the altar around the ceremonial offerings, and the respective families throw roses as they complete this circle to show that the marriage is completed.” This vivid description makes me feel as if I was at the wedding, and sitting right there as it was going on. The goal of the ceremony is the same as the American culture, but the means to get it are completely different. The Gujarati wedding ceremony has ...

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...ture is so different than the American culture I am used and that’s what makes this more extraordinary. I enjoyed learning about the henna used during the Mehndi night, the ceremonies done during the Poojah ceremony for good blessings and fortune, and Aziz’ insight on arranged marriages in an Indian culture. I really hoped that I could have been there to witness this spectacle with my own two eyes but that will have to wait for another time. If given the requisite funds, my goal would be to fly to the country of Gujarat, and attend a wedding there, to get the full experience. Playing the role of a cultural anthropologist was a motivating experience because it shined the light on how unique this world truly is. Learning about marriages in the Gujarati culture gave me valuable insight on the important role traditions play in certain cultures, and ultimately, the world.

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