Importance Of Arranged Marriages In Hinduism And Islam

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Arranged Marriages in Hinduism and Islam

An arranged marriage is planned and arranged by the families of the bride or groom. The bride and the groom are chosen for each other by their parents and families. Arranged marriages have existed for millennia and are still widely practiced among many cultures around the globe. Arranged marriages are carried out differently in different religions and cultures. The two religions I will focus on are Hinduism and Islam. The tradition of having an arranged marriage keeps the family happy and it also, provides stability for both parties. Marriage can be seen as important turning in one’s life and is often most parents dream to see their child married off to a respectful family.
In Hinduism it is a common practice to follow within the traditions of arranged marriage.In the article “Arranged Marriages :An Assessment of The attitudes of the College students in India” Prakasa and Nandini Rao both claim that marriage is considered a ritual, for anyone who is not married they are considered unholy and may not participate in some social religious activities. Marriage is treated as an agreement
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It is quite clear that arranged marriages lead to the reinforcement of family values. Couples that come from the same background in arranged marriages come together and renew their culture and traditional values. Arranged marriages are about pairing two people together with the same cultural, economic and religious background. Additionally, it is viewed, as something not based on feelings but rather through commitment and through commitment feeling are supposed to develop over time. Sharing a life with someone becomes increasingly difficult when backgrounds, ethnicities, social, financial status and religious beliefs differ. It is often said love is blind however; parents are not blind and usually have their children’s best interest in mind when arranging a
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