Essay on How The Cold War Affected The Us And The Rest Of The World

Essay on How The Cold War Affected The Us And The Rest Of The World

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How the Cold War affected the US and the rest of the world:

The Cold War was one of the longest wars in history and it had a tremendous impact on US history and the rest of the world. The War was a struggle between two world superpowers and their ideology, which were the US, and the USSR also known as the Soviet Union. Although both nations never got into direct military contact, they employed all methods available that would give them an upper hand on one another, short of direct contact. The Cold War shaped American foreign policy and political ideology, the economy, the presidency, and affected the daily lives of Americans; it also expanded across nations and affected them in multiple ways as well. The cold war began in 1947 and went on throughout 1991

The relationship between the US and USSR was a tense one even though the two superpowers fought together as allies against the Axis powers during World War II. Americans were wary at the time because of the Soviets and their political ideology of communism, and they were concerned about the Russian leader Joseph Stalin’s tyrannical rule. The USSR also had their reasons for Americans at the time because of the refusal on the part of the US to treat the USSR as a legitimate part of the international community. With these distastes for each other and the sense of mutual distrust it eventually led to a hostile/threatening atmosphere between the two nations and fed into the causes of the Cold War. The Cold War had a plethora of major events some of these include the American Policy on Containment of communism, the introduction to the atomic age, space race, and the Red Scare. These are just some of the key events during the period there are many more minuscule events that even...

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... Prohibition of nuclear missiles was a step of closing the threat of nuclear war. The USSR eventually dissipated and the Berlin Wall an iconic symbol of the Cold War fell along with the Soviet Union. Russia redefined its relationship to the world with two policies; political openness and economic reform. The cold war was over, but some the thought of communism what threatening to freedom everywhere, so during the presidency of Ronald Regan he provided financial and military aid to anticommunist governments around the world.
In conclusion the Cold War was a conflict between the US and USSR that shaped the world as we know it today. The impact that it has made is it has affected nation’s policies, economies and the daily domestic lives of their citizens. If the Cold War were to go a different route or never happened the world as we know it would be completely changed.

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