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    Chess Chess is a game, played by two players. One player plays with the white pieces, and the other player plays with the black pieces. Each player has sixteen pieces in the beginning of the game: one king, one queen, two rooks, two bishops, two knights, and eight pawns. The game is played on a chessboard, consisting of 64 squares: eight rows and eight columns. The squares are alternately light (white) and dark colored. The board must be laid down such that there is a black square in the lower

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    Chess Chess is one of the oldest games still played today. It began in India probably in the 6th century. This game spread throughout Asia and later into Europe around 900. Chess went through the evolution of different pieces, boards, and rules, and did not settle until the 19th century. When it did stop its evolution, chess was left with chivalric European names for its pieces. At this time, chess, was known all over the world, and people began to play for championships. This game with

  • Chess Is NOT A Sport

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    It seems since the beginning of time people have been playing the game of chess as a hobby or pastime. There are strict rules to the perplexing game and a considerable amount of thought is put into each move. In recent years it has gained a considerable competitive edge unlike before, as well as the respect to call it a sport by some. Although chess is widely recognized, in the end it is only a game. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) is a familiar name to many. Soon they are to decide which

  • Computer Chess: The History Of Computer Chess

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    Computer Chess History of Computer Chess The time period of 1949 and 1950 is considered to be the birth of computer chess. In 1949, Claude Shannon, an American mathematician, wrote an article titled “Programming a Computer for Playing Chess” (5). The article contained basic principles of programming a computer for playing chess. It described two possible search strategies for a move which circumvented the need to consider all the variations from a particular position. These strategies will be described

  • Of Castles And Kings (chess)

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    Castles and Kings Chess, which is believed to have originated in India, has come a long way since it’s earliest record and perhaps violent history. Since it’s origin, chess has undergone a few changes. One of the biggest changes in chess is the switch from classical openings to a new style referred to as hypermodern openings. Before you can understand this change, you must know about the history, rules, and strategy of chess. There are many theories about the origination of chess. The most popular

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    Chess is an immensely complex game which is the basis for its enjoyment. It includes many unique pieces with their own specific moving patterns. Chess also has numerous rules and scenarios which keep the game fresh and interesting. Due to the various moving patterns and rules, it leads to a particularly complex game. Although it is complicated, it becomes easier with practice and experience. Keep reading and you will be a chess master in no time. Setup When playing the game of chess, the setup is

  • Chess Engagement Paper

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    writing about the wonderful game of chess and how it interests me. I will talk about my past history and interactions with chess and why I chose the knight’s tour as my topic for math exploration. I won’t include too much research or calculations here but it should help my case. I will now copy and paste the paragraph I just wrote to make it look longer. This is filler text for my personal engagement paragraph, where I will be writing about the wonderful game of chess and how it interests me. I will

  • The Masterminds Behind THe Game of Chess

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    the game of Chess Studies show that over time, the game of chess can truly be helpful not only in the game, but also in the workforce and educational objectives. For example, doctors and psychologists show that over time, one might improve not only their mood and logical skills, but also in one’s educational and developmental skills at a young age. In fact, if one person starts playing chess and their reading levels are below average, over a period of time learning the game of chess, someone could

  • Exploring the Channel Characteristics of the River Chess

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    Exploring the Channel Characteristics of the River Chess The aim of this investigation is to explore the channel characteristics of the River Chess. My main interest involve in understanding Hydrology, and how the river changes as it goes downstream. To obtain my results

  • Volunteering At Chess Without Borders

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    Director of Volunteering at Chess Without Borders, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to combine chess education with service and philanthropy. I met Nabeel when he was attending his elementary school’s chess club in Barrington, IL. At the time, he was being held back in school and was struggling with a speech impediment, but chess provided a haven for him to develop strengths in other areas (problem solving, strategy etc.) that required non-verbal skills. Chess is really what brought him back

  • What Is The Chess Game In Lewis Carroll's Through The Looking Glass?

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    was marked out like a large chess-board. In Carroll’s novel, Through the Looking Glass, he bases the book off of a chess game, and there are many different elements throughout the

  • News Report of the Chess Match of Anand Aganist Carlsen

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    Anand in the FIDE World Chess Championship Match that was recently held in Chennai. The final scoreline read Carlsen-6.5 : Anand-3.5. Carlsen won 3 games and 7 games were drawn. Anand couldn’t muster a single victory. But these statistics do not in any way capture the true persona of the legend that is Vishwanathan Anand. “I am very sad that Anand lost today. He is my Favourite,” says 13 year old Nikhil, a budding chess player who has come to Chennai to watch the World Chess Championship Match between

  • How Cold War Tensions Affected the 1972 World Chess Championship

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    Chess in the Cold War How did Cold War tensions affect the 1972 World Chess Championship? Section A: Plan of the Investigation Through much of the 20th Century, the Cold War (mid 1940’s – early 1990’s) created a state of tension between the United States and the Soviet Union. This tension was sustained through various fronts, such as the nuclear arms race, the space race, and political and military conflicts. This investigation assesses these Cold War tensions as perpetuated

  • The Invisible Strength

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    shows the invisible strength, the motif of wind. June realizes her mom’s intention and her misunderstanding of her mom’s past. And, her realization changes her to accept her Chinese ethnicity. Waverly illustrates the invisible strength through her chess game. Her invisible strength, self-confidence, becomes uncontrollable, however, Lindo controls it. Rose finds her invisible strength by her mother helping her to show her opinion. And, Lena also depicts the invisible strength as she decides to fight

  • Joy Luck Club

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    novel come from the mothers’ high expectations for their daughters. Suyuan expects her daughter June to be a prodigy at something. This idea of a prodigy came from Auntie Lindo, Waverly’s mother. Lindo takes pride in her daughter’s skill in playing chess. Suyuan expects something to be proud of about her daughter as well. “Of course you can be prodigy, too… You can be best anything. What does Auntie Lindo know? Her daughter, she is only best tricky.” (p.141) She begins to give June piano lessons. June

  • Personal Narrative: A Day In My Life

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    practical work and learning new things. When school starts, the first thing is that I go to my tutor form for registration. According to me, registration i... ... middle of paper ... ...mes activities, watching TV, cycling, reading and playing chess. In my life the only people I feel grateful to are is my parents. After dinner, we spend some time in prayer. It is very important for me as I am very spiritual. In my childhood my parents told about the life of Jesus Christ and many stories related

  • Mindless Machines

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    prove complex mathematical theorems, write music and poetry, become world chess champion, and pass his test of artificial intelligences. In his test, a computer is required to carry on a compelling conversation with humans, fooling them into believing they are speaking with another human. All of his predictions require a computer to think and reason in the same manner as a human. Despite 50 years of effort, only the chess championship has come true. By refocusing artificial intelligence research

  • Mind Sports

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    mind and sport especially when the "sport" under consideration is chess. It is difficult to picture the game as a sport when the most physical activity it seems to require is moving the pieces across the board. Recently, though, the Olympic committee voted chess legal for competition in "The Games." This acknowledgment of chess as a sport by such a high council requires us to rethink our view of chess and athletics. Although chess does not appear to require as much activity as most recognizable sports

  • Analysis Of Kasparov's Smarter Than You Think

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    Smarter than you think. Who’s smarter at chess - computers or humans? Chess is all about ultimate way of thinking, which puts it on a same level as an extreme sport.In the eighteenth century, Wolfgang von Kempelen caused a stir with his clockwork Mechanical Turk—an automaton that played an eerily good game of chess, even beating Napoleon Bonaparte.CLIVE THOMPSON is a freelance journalist and blogger who writes for the New York Times Magazine and Wired.He blogs at This essay

  • Descriptive Essay on Geri’s Game

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    As a child there are many things that grab your attention whether it be games, toys, going outside to play, and also being with your friends. Personally I did all that but there is one thing I would always do and I still do it to this date and that is watching cartoons. The best memories I have from my childhood are mostly cartoon related. There is one unforgettable film I will never forget and that film is Geri’s game. Watching Geri’s game brought so much good memories back to a time were life was