How Technology Has Improved Relationships Essay

How Technology Has Improved Relationships Essay

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Networking with friends and family across long distances has been a concern of mankind for centuries. People have always relied on communication to boost their relationships. When face-to-face discussions are not possible or not convenient, humans have brainstormed plenty of artistic solutions. The first methods of communicating across great distances used written correspondence delivered by hand from one person to another. In other words they wrote letters. The earliest form of postal service dates back to 550 B.C., and this ancient delivery system would become more widespread and streamlined in future centuries. In the 1830s, the telegraph was invented. This enables messages to be delivered over a long distance far faster than a rider could carry them. Even though telegraph messages were short, they were a rebellious way to communicate news and information.
Technology began to change very quickly in the 20th Century. Once the first supercomputers were created in the 1940s, scientists and engineers began to expand ways to create networks among those computers. In the 1970s, networking technology had improved, allowing users to communicate through an effective newsletter. In the 1980s, home computers were becoming more common and social media was becoming more advanced. Internet relay chats, or IRCs, were first used in 1988 and continued to be popular well into the 1990’s.
Since Mark Zuckerberg invented Facebook in his Harvard dorm room on February 04, 2004, we have seen social media develop from an obsession to a fact that has changed a paradigm in the way the world communicates. It allows individuals to voice their opinions and concerns and share content on their mobile devices in ways no one could have expected. Along the way,...

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...or marketing purposes. Others admit that social media have already changed the world and will likely remain a vital force in social interactions. They argue that people must therefore be sure they do not become too dependent on social media and other technology or else they risk having these new forms of communication dominate their lives. They reduce or eliminate face-to-face socialization. It is hard to say, “No”, be impolite, or pay no attention to someone when looking them in the eye. It is extremely easy and rapid to unfriend or unfollow someone or simply block their efforts to make a connection. Just single click of the mouse and your problems are over. Fatefully, this aspect of online socialization cheats people of the opportunity to study how to resolve disputes in the world outside the Internet and it could delay or disable one 's social skills developments.

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