How Teacher Leaders Connect and Monitor Student Learning Essay

How Teacher Leaders Connect and Monitor Student Learning Essay

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How Teacher Leaders Connect and Manage Student Learning
Teachers and teacher leaders are the central element to student learning. Teachers provide a safe, active learning community that fosters respect, caring, sharing, responsibility, and the love of learning. Teachers are charged with ensuring that all students receive a quality education regardless of race, origin, or learning ability. The purpose of this interview is to obtain effective teacher strategies that show how effective teachers are responsible for managing and monitoring student learning. In this interview, I asked four questions that support the delivery of effective instruction, as it relates to trends and issues in managing and monitoring student learning. There are also responses to questions about the strategies used to engage students in a disciplined environment.
In addition, the teachers were asked to share ideas about how they organized instruction to meet instructional needs. This interview will conclude with a question about strategies on the progress of individual students in the form of assessment as a whole, as well as independently. I will look at how the teacher responses support their demonstration of the delivery of effective instruction in accordance with the National Board of Professional Teaching Standards Core Proposition 3. This proposition is what effective teachers and teacher evaluators use to guide their assessment of a teachers’ connection and management instructional techniques, to keep students motivated, engaged and focused.
The teachers interviewed have individually taught and worked in this school system for more than twenty years. They have knowledge teaching in classes from kindergarten to fifth grade with teaching experience...

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...nd that these teacher leaders had similar teaching strategies and techniques that were focused on student learning, student motivation, and student engagement. These teachers provided quality instruction through careful planning and considered each student’s learning style. Lessons and instruction was integrated across the curriculum. The teachers incorporated technology to expose students to a variety of concepts and tools for learning development, which allowed an equitable learning opportunity for all. Although learning was a focus for effective teaching, I have found that teacher leaders have sound structural framework in management, organization, and discipline. It is easy to see that teacher leaders are successful in effective teaching, maintaining focus of students, and student monitoring progress, because of clear goals and high expectations of all students

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