How School Halls Will Benefit You By Cristina Arehart Essay

How School Halls Will Benefit You By Cristina Arehart Essay

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In the article, “Enrich After School: Study Hall”, an unknown author suggest that a study hall, also known as a free period, would be very beneficial to students, because it will allow students to have less work to do; thus alleviating stress and being able to focus more in school, (Unknown, 2013). In another article, “Floyd Dryden Essay: how study halls will benefit you” by Cristina Arehart, the author claims that having a study period will allow students to be relaxed and do other activities that are just as educational, as well as it will help students improve their grades because their work will be complete and turned in on time, (Arehart, 2012). Furthermore, we can all contribute to helping students lessen their stress by adding a free period. Like I mentioned before, we should start by making students sign a petition to show that this solution will help them relieve some stress. Then, we can talk to the principal about our suggestion, so we can then further the process by taking it to the district. From then on, it will be their decision.
To get the signatures, we can have tables set up during lunch time for two weeks in the middle of the school year, to make sure we have enough signatures that will make the board of directors in the district realize how much students really need a free period. Then, students like me, can try convince the principal that this a good topic that should be taken into consideration. If it gets approved by the principal, I will then take charge to take the signatures to the district along with a well written letter explaining our request. After that, we will wait for the response, and hopefully they will make the decision before the next school year begins for the students.
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...eorganizing school schedules”, Eileen M. O’Brien, an independent education researcher for the Center for Public Education, addresses the idea that instead of worrying about how different the schedules will be, they claim that, “In cases where time is not already well used, increasing allocated time is not likely to produce substantial gains in student achievement. In such cases, the first step should be to improve the quality of existing time,” (O’Brien, 2006). With a well done schedule made by teachers, they will be able to think about their schedules in depth to further the education of the students, rather than assigning a test two days before the test date. It is important to have a good schedule so students are not overwhelmed with school responsibilities, and not only will this help the students, but it will also help teachers have a well thought out schedule.

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