How Reward Is Good Or Harmful? Essay example

How Reward Is Good Or Harmful? Essay example

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Humans are always learning new things every day of their lives, whether they are learning how to improve themselves or how the world around them works. They learn what is good and what is bad, what behaviors help increase their chance of survival, and what behaviors help get themselves a certain reward. Whether that reward is something vital to their existence or just brings some form of pleasure, humans will learn or teach others how to achieve that goal. Humans also teach each other what are terrible things to do and what the consequences are for those actions. It is an ongoing cycle that will last forever, parent to child and vice versa. However, how people learn and where they learn it from can cause or be effected by addiction. Certain behaviors taught by others can have a positive or negative effect on a person, whether the behavior was meant to be taught. Teaching can backfire quite often, so being careful while teaching something is of the utmost importance.
People learn from others example, whether it is by lecture or by example. The newest student in a school will learn to act how people want them to act, an employee will work the way their employers want them to work, and a child will do what their parents do. The last bond, the one between parent and child, is the strongest one and where a person will learn the most from. From birth, people look up to their parents and learn from them, whether or not the person knows what they are learning from them. In some cases, some less than desirable behaviors are picked up, despite whatever the parent says about the behavior. This is what observational learning is. Observational learning is when a person learns by example, usually by seeing what other people do in c...

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... to die out and appears less and less, until its gone (Spielman, 2014). However, gambling addicts can stop. Either they begin to lose too many times or they are forced by their loved ones to stop and go to rehab, the addictive behavior will eventually regress and go through extinction. Addiction is a behavior that can be taught, but it can also be broken in time. However, people do relapse, so the process may have to be gone through all over again.
In conclusion, people learn many things each day, some of them being dirty habits that fail to go away. Addiction can be learned, whether or not if it was being taught purposely. People learn by watching others and through first hand experiences, whether or not that person wants anyone else to copy them. Addiction is a bad behavior that can be taught, but it can also be broken. Just be careful in case of a relapse.

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