Redicts And The Recovery Process: Addiction And Recovery

Addiction and Recovery
Alphia Blackshear
Colorado Technical University Online
English 103
Dr. Lisa Reason


There are many American individuals, and families who suffer from substance abuse. Addiction and recovery are a lifelong process. This essay looks at the outcome of addiction and the recovery process as a whole. By identifying addiction we will eliminate the consideration that recovery is not possible.
Addiction and Recovery

According to President Barak Obama there are over 20 million Americans who struggle with substance abuse. (OBAMA, B. 2014). Although addiction is rampant in the United States there are intervention programs available for those who are seeking out recovery. Researchers explain that addiction is a
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Kemp describes that addiction often arises through a pursuit of pleasure, or to reduce pain. (Kemp, 2009a). The addict seeks to avoid the world, often living a narrow set of relations to the world and those in it. (Kemp, 2011).
However; meeting an addict with their family often sheds a completely different light on matters of stasis and potential. (Kemp, 20111). Negative feelings towards addicts, both formal healthcare and in society in general is not a simple prejudice. While hate may be pervasive, it is love and compassion which overcomes addiction and fosters recovery. (Butler & Kemp, 2014).

Addiction and Recovery

In conclusion, the problem of addiction may seem impossible to overcome at first, however; there are steps that can be taken in order to obtain recovery.
First, the individual who is the addict must admit that there is a problem in order to begin the recovery process and weaken the hold of drug addiction.
Next, the individual must be willing to seek professional help with an open and honest mind. They must be willing to let go of all negative influences including family, and friends.
Finally the addict must always maintain a clean and sober life style, leaving behind old behavior patterns, and practicing a new way of life.
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