How Nike Has Changed The World Essay

How Nike Has Changed The World Essay

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Many people in this world have certain things that interests them, or something they care about. But one thing that a lot of people go crazy for is shoes and not just any shoe, it is the shoe brand worn and inspired by the greatest player to ever play the game of basketball Michael Jordan. It was him who made these shoes so popular that people are willing to camp out in front of the place releasing them, also so popular that some people are crazy enough to spend almost $800 on just one pair. The good thing though is that if you take care of them they can last a really long time.
Before the jordan brand started all of the basketball shoes were white. Then Jordan comes into the league and people did not know that the game of basketball and the sports industry is about to be changed. It all started in 1984, in a time where nike was starting to struggle. Nike was really only known as a running shoe company, but the running shoe game was slowly dying. They needed a way to bring themselves back to the top.
Nike then turned to an NBA rookie named Michael Jordan. Jordan originally was wanting to sign with Adidas or Converse since that is the shoe he wore in college at North Carolina. Larry Bird and Magic Johnson were already signed with Converse so they were not interested in Michael Jordan, and Adidas was not really interested either. So really Nike was his only option left and his agent thought it would be a great idea since Nike was willing to make a new shoe line called Air Jordans. Michael still was not sure, but Nike knew that he would be a star in the league and they wanted him to be the face of their franchise. Jordan flew to Oregon where Nike was created and they had a video presentation with all of Michael 's highlights from c...

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... they just released the Air Jordan XXX.
The Jordan brand is a household name and people of all ages and social status line up eagerly for the release of the newest Air Jordan model coming out. Some of this success can be attributed to the fact that the shoes, from the Jordan III to the most recent model, have always been about Michael Jordan. The designers took Jordans ideas, hobbies, and life into account and incorporate these feelings into the shoes (AJSHQ). The shoes did not make Jordan popular, Jordan is what made the shoes so popular. The Air Jordan line continues its tradition of quality, high-fashion basketball and athletic shoes that appeal to everyone kids, adults, males, and females. When people wear the shoe it make them feel special, it makes them feel close to the greatest basketball player of all time. It makes them feel like they too can me like Mike.

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