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Michael Jordan One of NBA’s all time All Star favorites, Michael Jordan, was not just about basketball all his life. Experiences in his childhood and early teens brought him to that life. His actions as an adult got him to where he is now...a millionaire. Michael Jordan was one of the best basketball players who had some bumps in his life, but overcame them to become a successful man. Jordan’s early life helped him a lot in his late pro life. He was born February 17, 1963 in Brooklyn, New York (“Michael Jordan Biography”). His parent, James and Deloris Jordan, had five kids including Michael. Jordan had two older brothers, Larry Jordan and James R. Jordan, Jr. He also had one older sister, Deloris and a younger sister …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Describes michael jordan as one of the nba's all-time all star favorites. his childhood and early teens brought him to that life.
  • Describes how jordan accepted a scholarship for basketball at the university of north carolina and was named the 1982 acc rookie of the year.
  • Analyzes how jordan was selected by the chicago bulls in 1984 and was named to the all star and honored as the league’s rookie of the year. he scored 49 points against the boston celtics and 63 in the second game.
  • Narrates how michael jordan won three straight nba titles, three regular mvp season mvp awards and three playoff titles. his father james was murdered by two men in a robbery attempt.
  • Narrates how jordan returned to the bulls during a commercial break and earned his eighth straight scoring title and became the tenth nba player to score 25,000 points.
  • Describes how jordan motivated the bulls to a win and claimed his sixth nba finals mvp award. jordan's other professional life was selling clothes and other sporting goods for companies like nike and wheaties.
  • Narrates how jordan retired in 1999 after a labor dispute between nba players and team owners. he became part owner of the wizards in 2000, making him the third black owner in the nba.
  • Explains that jordan signed the upper deck renew pact in 2000, which will continue to be the sole producer of authenticated collectibles, trading cards, and memorabilia featuring the basketball legend's image and autograph.
  • Explains that jordan is featured on the cover of a special edition nba 2k16 video game, which celebrates his hall of fame inductions and gives fans options to customize their game experience.
  • Explains that michael jordan has had a baller life with his nba career, his records, and his merchandise contracts. he was nicknamed air jordan, black cat, mj and his airness.

In the fifth game of the finals, the team was suffering from the stomach virus. Jordan motivated the team to a win and they won the championship (“ Editors”) In 1997-98 the BUlls were again in the playoffs and won again. Jordan claimed his sixth NBA finals MVP award. Jordan’s other professional life was selling clothes and other sporting goods for companies such as Nike and Wheaties. Jordan also owns his own golf company and produces Michael Jordan cologne which sold 1.5 million bottles in the first two months.(“ Editors”) In 1997 he was the world’s highest paid athlete(“Michael …show more content…

It will celebrate his Hall of Fame inductions and gives fans options to customize their game experience (“Canale”). NBA fans have been wondering if Jordan has met his match. LeBron James is Jordan’s competition off the court and on the court (“Michael Jordan and Upper”). Here are some of their stats: playoffs played - James 11, Jordan 13; All Star games - James12, Jordan 14; Season MVP - James 4, Jordan 5. Most of the records are close. They also compete when fans collect pictures and autographs of the two players (“Michael Jordan and Upper”). Both made by the same person received the same selling grade of 9.5. Selling wise James beat Jordan 26,100 to 15,689 it also showed more bids 47 to

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