Essay on How Mythology Is Incorporated Within Science And Religion

Essay on How Mythology Is Incorporated Within Science And Religion

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E.B. Tylor’s works consists of his take on how mythology is incorporated within science and religion. He explains that there will always be an explanation from the science side of how the world will work, but there will also be an explanation from the religion side which in turn stands as an answer for the mythology answer. The two discussants that I would choose to attend the meeting with E.B Tylor would be: Rudolf Bultmann of the school Myth and Religion, and Joseph Campbell of the school of Myth and Psychology. The reason for these choices is the shared belief that mythology is used as an explanation, and is used as another form of recounting of what is happening presently in the real world. The discussion would focus on how each one of them came to this conclusion, but there would be rebuttal on the fact that there are differences amongst the interpretation of how it does stand as a real life experience as opposed to being just a simple figment of the imagination.
In Tylor’s opinion, he sees mythology as a guidebook of examples. He takes into account the beliefs of mythology in a religious standpoint, and dilutes their meaning into being a just a mere speculation that has nothing to do with the real world. In Robert Segal’s book Myth: A Very Short Introduction, he looks into Tylor’s opinion on the relationship of science, religion, and mythology. This notion is backed up by this quote from the book,
“Gods thereby cease to be agents in the physical world – Tylor assumes that physical effects must have physical causes- and religion ceases to be an explanation of the physical world. Gods are relocated from the physical word to the social world. They become models for humans, just one should be for Plato. One now turns to...

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...nd the new world are really one (108).” Campbell sees a compromise between the concept of mythology being real, not still needing to have a concrete form present.
The three discussers would proceed to have a discourse on their takes on mythology. Tylor would see a way of trying to debunk Campbell’s ideas through the point that there is no evidence. He would argue that it was not possible, and that it was a lazy attempt to give mythology more of meaning that it deserves. Then, Bultmann would suggest that perhaps Campbell’s journey can be deduce to the metaphor of the journey that man makes through life. The disagreements would escalate without any of the parties budging from their standpoint. It would continue like this until the end of the discussion, where everyone will agree that myth has too many interpretations to determine which is considered real or not.

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