Essay about How Media Affects Our Society

Essay about How Media Affects Our Society

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In today’s society individuals in the United States are bombarded with media and its advertisements. There are various forms in which you can be exposed to media including the television, radio, movies, magazines, billboards, newspapers, and even your computer. On a daily basis individuals are being exposed and consuming an average of ten hours and seventeen minutes of media and about three thousand advertisements a day. In those ten hours we are exposed to things such as the unrealistic beauty standards from cosmetic, and fashion advertisements, as well as violence from television shows and video games. Our country has created a culture that is obsessed with looks and possessions; they have created a false reality and happiness for individuals, now individuals believe they need to look a certain way or have certain possessions in order to be happy. These advertisements can affect individuals in an extremely negative way that can be damaging to not only their physical but also their mental health. The purpose of my research is to find how media affects our society and most importantly the individuals within this society, by mostly focusing on violence and body image due to media.
Warning: Exposure to media’s beauty standards can be hazardous to your physical and mental health. Sociocultural standards of beauty are presented in roughly all forms of popular media exposing women, and men of images that portray what is considered the “ideal body image”. Given that the slimming trend in the media parallels the increasing obsession with thinness in real life, researchers have been compelled to study the effects of exposure to thin-ideal media (Harrison 2012). They split their research into two domains (1) media effects on bod...

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...ccurrence of eating disorders among females in the United States range from as little as 1 percent (for anorexia) to more than 20 percent (for bulimia). Rates of occurrence of eating disorders among males in the United States are smaller (about one-tenth that for females), but they are growing too. As these numbers increase, the population of people with eating disorders is becoming more diverse. Early research suggested that young, white, upper-middle- class, college-educated women were at highest risk for developing eating disorders, but more recent research shows that eating disorders are quickly becoming an affliction of equal opportunity, affecting women of color, children, men, older people, and, as research by Anne E. Becker (1991) suggests, people in countries that previously had little problem with eating disorders until they began importing American media.

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