Essay on How Mark Zuckerberg Is Responsible For Introducing Social Change

Essay on How Mark Zuckerberg Is Responsible For Introducing Social Change

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Mark Zuckerberg will go down in history as the pioneer of modern social media with his invention of Facebook. Professional Snowboarder Travis Rice can be quoted by saying “Our lives have become digital. Our friends, now virtual. And, anything you could ever wanna know is just a click away” (Rice). In many ways Mark Zuckerberg is responsible for introducing this social change. Zuckerberg paved the way to the social highway that people use all day long.
The creation of (originally called) “The Facebook”, opened the doors for other creations such as Linken, Instagram and Twitter. What people might be surprised to know is that Zuckerberg was a child prodigy. Long before Facebook Zuckerberg was creating computer programs. At age 12 he turned his Atari game system in to a messaging program “Zucknet” in which his father, a dentist used to communicate in his dental practice with his assistance in lieu of screaming from room to room they would send messages. Zuckerberg’s parents hired a computer guru to keep Zuckerberg challenged with his computer talents, it was not long before his tutor realized he was no match for Zuckerberg.
While in high school, Zuckerberg created a version of music software he called “Synapse” it was actually similar to Pandora. Several companies including AOL and Microsoft expressed interest in buying this program, as well as offering Zuckerberg a job before he graduated; I am talking graduated from high school not college. Zuckerberg from his college dorm at Harvard, where he was majoring in psychology created to a few social networking websites. These initial websites were for the use of Harvard students to match other students in the same course of studies.
Zuckerberg also had a webpage where you could rate pe...

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...ely substantial. This also opened the door for so many other medical awareness pages. I was able to find a page for Bone Marrow Registries, which advertised where there were from week to week in hopes of people registering and being tested. There are pages for blood donations as well as stem cell donation. This sector of Facebook to me is by far the most important element.
I wonder if that young child prodigy Zuckerberg ever imagined the impact he would have on the world, I wonder if today Zuckerberg really understands what he created? In terms of computer programing, I am sure he understands, how could he not, he is a genius, but does he understand how many outlets were created. How many more forums will Zukerberg be credited with, after all he is only 31 years old? Was Facebook supposed to be just a social network; if so he failed in the most amazing way.

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