How LASIK Eye Surgery Works Essay

How LASIK Eye Surgery Works Essay

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How LASIK Eye Surgery Works

LASIK eye surgery has become a common procedure amongst people with vision troubles like myopia (near-sightedness), hypermetropia (farsightedness), and astigmatism. This corrective surgery is considered to be one of the best options in correcting eyesight, but also one that makes many patients cringe. LASIK surgery uses lasers to reshape the cornea and by doing so, corrects the patient’s vision.
In the 1950’s, the idea of LASIK surgery began in the mind of Jose Barraquer. He created the technique of cutting small flaps of the cornea off of the eye in order to reshape it. In addition to this procedure he also did research into how to ensure that this procedure of reshaping the cornea would have long lasting effects on its patients. (Wikipedia) After Barraquer, Svyatoslav Fyodorov continued research by creating radial keratotomy, also known as RK. This procedure still deals with the idea of cutting the flaps of the cornea, however, Fyodorov uses a knife and cuts incisions like “the spokes of a wheel” on the eye, thus explaining why it’s called radial keratotomy. (Wikipedia RADIAL)
The introduction of lasers into surgery didn’t even happen until 1980 when an IBM research scientist discovered that a particular laser, an ultraviolet excimer laser to be exact, had the ability to make cuts into human tissue without damaging other areas around it. (Wikipedia) Later, in 1985, Trokel added the laser into his radial keratotomy procedure with success. He was then able to do the first VISX refractive laser eye surgery from this successful discovery of laser surgery. (LASIK History)
After much further advancement, more than this paper allots for, LASIK i...

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... errors and they will also have to have their cornea’s shape and thickness checked out again. If the cornea is too thin and if the cornea is too steep the patient will be rejected and further procedure will not be likely.

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