How it all Started with Valeria from Lithuania Essay

How it all Started with Valeria from Lithuania Essay

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Part One: Beginnings
A young thirteen-year-old girl sits in a freezing ship surrounded by strangers. Sitting alone with no family. She thinks back to the family she’s leaving behind, heading to a new life far away. This young girl is my great-grandmother Valeria Zableckis. She left her home in Lithuania to come to the United States. I don’t know much about her yet, but I’m excited to explore her past.
Valeria Zableckis. I just learned about her a few days ago and yet I’m already intrigued. I want to know why she left Lithuania. I would like to disc¬over what it was like adjusting to a new country. Mainly, however, I want to get to know what challenges she faced. I’m thrilled to begin researching about my ancestor.
Part Two: Processes and Discoveries
I decided to bring this project up at my dinner table one day. I asked my family “Who can I do a research paper on?” They came up with several answers, but none of them seemed right to me. Some were long gone and nobody knew, and some didn’t seem to have done anything that would have affected my life. Then, a few nights later, my dad suggested my great-great-grandmother, Valeria Zableckis. He explained how she emigrated all the way here from Lithuania. She sounded like such an interesting person!
“Yes! Finally! Thank goodness!”
On February 21, 2014, I conducted my Skype interview with my grandmother about Valeria. What she knew about Valeria was amazing! My grandmother had all these fascinating stories about her. She said “Valeria was the oldest of thirteen children and when she was thirteen-years-old, she was sent to the U.S. to work for another aunt and uncle.” (Zableckis, Marcia).This made me realize how difficult it must have been for her to travel here alone at such a young age....

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• Information on the Immigration Process at Ellis Island
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• Personal Stories About Valeria
• Information on Valeria's Personality
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• Personal Stories About Valeria
• Information on Valeria's Personality
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• Information on Valeria's Husband
• Information on Valeria's Immigration Process
• Information on Valeria's Home Life/Language
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• Information about Valeria's Family/Husband
• Information about Lithuanian History
• Personal Stories About Valeria
• Information about Valeria's Personality

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