Ancestry Of Ancestry

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History is a vast collection of stories and perspectives from the beginning of time to the present day. Many people have only cursory knowledge of history and some of its important turning points. Few people stop to think about the experiences of those who lived through that history and what it must have been like during that time. Even fewer may be aware that they may have ancestors who were a part of that history. Through the combined methods of formal genealogy and historical research it is possible to see one’s own past come alive. This paper examines the ancestry of the 21st century history student ad uncovers the connections to past events in North American history. CHAPTER ONE: 11th Great Grandfather of Author William Allis was born around the year 1613 in Essex County, England to Richard Allis and Margaret Baines. At the age of seventeen, William Allis arrived in Massachusetts with the Winthrop Fleet. Allis was aboard the Mayflower, which was making its third voyage across the Atlantic. After the immigrants landed at Charlton Harbor, Boston in 1630, they began surveying the land and settling the area. In 1632, Allis shows up in Mount Wollaston, Massachusetts. Allis was one of those who helped to survey the 50 acres of land. In 1634, this land was annexed to Boston. Large amounts of this land were granted to certain residents, and Allis was one of those who received some land. Allis was granted 12 acres on February 24, 1640. Around May of 1640, William Allis took the Freeman’s Oath which gave him the right to hold office and vote in the Puritan society. Allis was most likely well-educated and was a member of the Puritan church. By this time, he was a skilled surveyor and a successful farmer. He was a prominent resident ... ... middle of paper ... ...mustered out on October 25, 1864 on disability. Anthony Gabler, after the war, would move from Detroit to Rubicon, Huron County, Michigan. Sometime after the war, he married again. His second wife was named Elizabeth. Anthony died on September 19, 1917 in Harbor Beach, Huron County, Michigan at the age of 83. History is an important thing to hold on to. It helps to gain an understanding not only of the past, but also of the present. The people who lived through the important turning points in North American history helped to shape what North America is today. History comprises not just the Jeffersons or the Lincolns, but it also comprises the Van Camps, Lyons, and Lanes. People need to remember the major and minor players in history. Researching one’s family history would be a perfect way to start exploring the makeup of the past and providing for the future.
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