How Hospitality Industry Has Developed

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Now a day, people love to travel and this is one of the reasons that hospitality industry has developed. Sometimes, Koreans visit the resorts or hotels and they enjoy their vacation only at the hotels or resorts instead of visiting other popular places around the hotels. This explains that they just want to take a long rest in the hotel. Because of this reason, they visit the hotel that includes several restaurants and nice facilities that they can use such as swimming pool, spa, and gym. When people visit the hotel, they buy services from the hotel. Sometimes they satisfied and enjoy their time, but not all the time. This is because each hotel has different employees and style. There are numerous brand hotels, but most Koreans prefer Hilton, Hyatt, and Marriott. People know these three brands because in Korea, there are many hotels, which includes those three brands. In addition, people expect to get the better services in a brand hotel because most of the time, they pay a high price for the room and they want to get a high quality of services. Last summer, my family was planning to go to the vacation and we decided to stay in Hilton Namhae golf and spa resort. This is because Hilton is a brand hotel and we knew that even if we pay a lot, we can more satisfied from services and make unforgettable memories. Hilton Namhae golf and spa resort is located in Namhae, South Korea. Namhae is not a big and popular city, and it is undeveloped city that means that there are no factories neither high buildings. In South Korea, most cities have developed and it is very difficult to find the city like Namhae. When people visit the Namhae, they can see beautiful natures such as mountains, beaches, and mud flats. My families live around four... ... middle of paper ... ...roper time and plates were delicious. We liked the services because the server kept asked us how we liked the food and what we need before we ask him to bring something for us. We felt like we were special and the server actually care about us. Overall, my family made valuable memories in Hilton Namhae golf and spa resort. Even if the first impression about the services were not good, the staff recovered very well. After getting her services, we could not complain because we felt that she tried hard to provide the best services to us and gave the feeling that we are special guests for them. Hotel had several nice facilities and guests could enjoy their time without going outside of hotels. Moreover, the restaurant provides delicious food and a good service in a proper time. If my family is going back to Namehae, we will go back to Hilton Namhae golf and spa resort.
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